Thursday, October 13, 2011

thirty and two.

32 things 
about the 32 year old.

1. i begged him to grow scruff or a beard for 3 years before he finally did it.
2. it looks dang good on him.
3. he has the softest hands and his feet aren't even the slightest bit gross.
4. he talks in his sleep every single night and always steals the covers.
5. he frequently gets out of doing the dishes by filling everything up with hot soapy water & telling me it needs to soak.
6. he always lets me choose where we are going to dinner.
7. he is the best person to ask for a favor because he will say yes and stay up all night helping, if that's what it takes. (many of his siblings, family members, neighbors and friends can attest to this, right guys?)
8. he is the ultimate handyman and can fix/make/repair/paint/stain/build anything.
9. i would have never guessed that about him when i first starting dating him.
10. the only thing he will take to work for lunch is leftovers (the pressure!).
11. he is easy-going, steady, even-tempered, reasonable, calm (basically exactly what someone like me needs).
12. he is a little bit obsessed with clean white socks.
13. if we have a baby boy someday, he wants him something reminiscent of a norwegian viking (!!??)
14. he is an incredible son. really and truly. he loves and respects his parents. he calls them just to see how they are doing. he helps with anything they ask (and lets be honest, he helps even when they don't ask).
15. 99.9% of the time he says no to dessert.
16. he never stays awake longer than 20 minutes into a movie.
17. he calls me "babe" and "baby" even though he thinks that's pretty lame. (he can't help it) (i'm glad).
18. he never stresses, worries or gets nervous about anything (can you even believe that?).
19. he was just a few points away from graduating from college with a 4.0
20. he was so stoked to meet mitt romney that one time. he loves politics.
21. he kisses me goodbye every morning even though i never wake up, respond or reciprocate.
22. he dreams of having a really rad garage someday and talks about it all the time."jess, the floors in my garage will look like this and i want the walls to be white..."
23. he is a really good poker player. our old big screen tv and the poker table at the cabin were both prizes he won in poker tournaments (that he won).
24. he looks forward to mowing the lawn.
25. he works a really demanding job, is in a super competitive mba program and has a big calling in our church and i still feel like he is always offering to give the baby her bath and clean up after dinner. somehow he does it all and i don't go without help.
26. i love the goofy side of him that comes out when it's just the two of us.
27. he makes me my favorite avocado omelet or a tuna melt anytime i don't feel like cooking dinner.
28. he lived in norway for a while.
29. he reads my blog, listens to my worries, takes me on dates, compliments my mothering and encourages all of my far-fetched dreams.
30. he blows raspberries on evie's tummy every time he changes her diaper and tickles her feet with his scruffy beard.
31. he is inappropriate and can deliver a really good dirty joke.
32. he is my best friend in the world.

happy birthday, love.
thirty two looks good on you.

xo, jess and evs


  1. So cute Jess. You and Greg have always been an example to me, truly! I look up to the relationship you two share, it is honestly wonderful. xo

  2. cute cute. My favorite one (or least favorite one) was the one about letting the dishes soak cuz Luke does this allllll the time!!!! it drives me crazy. no they do not need to soak. Yes you need to scrub them and put them in the dish washer!!! ok. thanks for letting me get it out. glad to know you know how I feel. haha. but a big happy birthday to greg anyways... that may be the only teeny tiny bad thing I know about him. He really is so great and I am so glad you found him!

  3. I love that you and Jennie both have a list of 32 items about your cute hubbies on your blog! I hope you guys had a great day celebrating the big 3-2!

  4. Happy (late) birthday, Gregory!!


thank you for your shout outs!