Wednesday, November 30, 2011

london: snapshots of the city.

i was reminded today that i need to finish posting pictures from our trip! one of the best things we did there was buy a day pass for the hop on, hop off bus tours. if you can get over the fact that you look like a nerdy tourist on a nerdy tour bus, this is a blast. the bus takes you all over london and stops at every major landmark, where you can hop off, hang out for a while, and hop back on when you feel like it (buses come every 15 min).

this is definitely the best way to see a glimpse of the city and decide what areas you want to spend the rest of the trip exploring (no need to plan any sort of itinerary. just do this at the beginning of the trip. my mom and i didn't have a single thing planned when we landed in london and we liked it that way).

most of these pictures were taken while riding on the top of the double decker bus with my hyper baby in my lap (she loved it), so some of them are a bit blurry, but here is a glimpse of what we saw and what you would see if you spent the day in london!

the only downside of this day was when, after getting off and exploring for most of the day, we finally decided we were ready to head back to our hotel. we got back on the bus only to realize the stop near our hotel would take a good 2 hours to get to (buses move slowly, stop often and take the longest route imaginable-we actually weren't even very far). after driving around in circles, insisting the bus driver was messing with us, listening to the same commentary a billion times and having to nurse in public ON A TOUR BUS we were laughing so hard we were crying by the time we finally made it to our stop and stepped off of that bus into freedom. word to the wise, take a cab home.

 the end.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

london: park benches & such.

when you travel with a nursing baby you wind up making a whole bunch of discoveries you wouldn't otherwise. this was the case with us. every now and then, we'd have to hop off the bus we were on, or wander out of the store, or down the street, in order to find someplace for me to nurse evie. turns out, this is the way to travel because the neighborhoods and parks and courtyards we stumbled upon as a result were gorgeous! i loved that we were forced to sit down on a bench and take a breather every now and then-you see things you would otherwise rush by. london also turned out to be a very baby-friendly/mama-friendly/nursing-friendly city and i felt way less awkward nursing in public (without a cover) there than i do here in the US. c'mon americans!

without further adieu, here are some pictures from one of the prettiest little parks we found on our nursing tour of london. among the courtyards, park benches, cafes, coffee shops, museums and the occasional city bus i nursed her in, this spot was my very favorite!

look at those apartment balconies in the background. PEOPLE LIVE HERE, YOU GUYS!!

cutting down your christmas tree!

saturday was the big day- the official cutting down of the cabin christmas tree day!

i have come to look forward to this day all year long! we never had a real christmas tree growing up and something about hiking through the snow into the forest and cutting down your own is just so cool. we loved being able to introduce evie to this olsen tradition which i am sure will become one of her very favorites.

in case you've never cut down your own christmas tree, you're in luck, because i am about to present you with a photo essay of the process.

a step by step tutorial

the first thing you need to do is bundle up any babies you might have in your possession. we happened to have two babies with us at the time. we dressed them as marshmallows.
evie just loved being bundled...
 and we're off!
  the truck will only go so far. you're going to have to get out and hike. don't wuss out on me here!
how much do i love that picture of my husband kissing my baby? holy mother, i love it a lot.
once you've reached your destination, it's time for some family pictures.
 if your baby is up for it, you can lay her on the snow like a little frozen marshmallow blob. 
jennie's baby was up for it. mine was not.
 your uncle might throw you in the snow at this point, but try to be brave about it.
 now comes the big moment. send the men (and their mother) up the mountain to chop down the chosen tree. wait patiently with the babies. have your camera ready because you are about to witness a surge of testosterone.
 wait for it...
and here we go...
feeling strong and proud....
 proud mountain twins.
 if your daughter is holding your hand while you carry the tree and she falls it's best to just drag her along. ;)
 time to head back...
put that sucker in the truck and take her home.

at this point, it's best to just sit on the couch and give the strong men an audience.
 and now the good part, cover her with twinkly lights and homemade ornaments. 


the end.