Tuesday, November 29, 2011

cutting down your christmas tree!

saturday was the big day- the official cutting down of the cabin christmas tree day!

i have come to look forward to this day all year long! we never had a real christmas tree growing up and something about hiking through the snow into the forest and cutting down your own is just so cool. we loved being able to introduce evie to this olsen tradition which i am sure will become one of her very favorites.

in case you've never cut down your own christmas tree, you're in luck, because i am about to present you with a photo essay of the process.

a step by step tutorial

the first thing you need to do is bundle up any babies you might have in your possession. we happened to have two babies with us at the time. we dressed them as marshmallows.
evie just loved being bundled...
 and we're off!
  the truck will only go so far. you're going to have to get out and hike. don't wuss out on me here!
how much do i love that picture of my husband kissing my baby? holy mother, i love it a lot.
once you've reached your destination, it's time for some family pictures.
 if your baby is up for it, you can lay her on the snow like a little frozen marshmallow blob. 
jennie's baby was up for it. mine was not.
 your uncle might throw you in the snow at this point, but try to be brave about it.
 now comes the big moment. send the men (and their mother) up the mountain to chop down the chosen tree. wait patiently with the babies. have your camera ready because you are about to witness a surge of testosterone.
 wait for it...
and here we go...
feeling strong and proud....
 proud mountain twins.
 if your daughter is holding your hand while you carry the tree and she falls it's best to just drag her along. ;)
 time to head back...
put that sucker in the truck and take her home.

at this point, it's best to just sit on the couch and give the strong men an audience.
 and now the good part, cover her with twinkly lights and homemade ornaments. 


the end.


  1. Love it love it love it! Darrell announced yesterday that next year we are cutting our own tree down! Good thing I have your step by step tutorial! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So fun. I love the pic where the baby is being dragged through the snow. You make me laugh

  3. By the way we did have some real trees when you were very little. They always smelled so great.

  4. stop it. this is my dream and also the best thing ever. that top picture is so perfect. the baby dragging made me LOL (and i never say that). i'm coming next year.

  5. that was a perfect tutorial, Jess! I'm so happy that you got pictures of the finished tree because I totally forgot. I love that picture of T dragging M through the snow. I didn't even know that happened. She was being a pill so she probably deserved it a little! :)

  6. Oh my goodness-lots & lots of giggling!

    p.s. I saw an idea in a magazine & thought of you on your tree cutting adventure. Remind me to tell you about it when we see each other next!


thank you for your shout outs!