Thursday, November 24, 2011

giving thanks.

i am thankful for my husband. he is a goober and i love him.
i am thankful to be a mother. i am thankful to feel so happy in this new role.
i am thankful for evie. so so so thankful. she is pure sunshine and i adore her.
i am thankful for our people. our families and friends. our moms and dads and brothers and sisters-in-law.
i am thankful for my health. last year i spent the holiday season in the hospital. prior to that i had never known anything other than a happy healthy holiday season at home. i will never take it for granted again.
i am thankful for city lights out our windows.
i am thankful i never have to sweep my kitchen floors after dinner because the pups will do it for me.
i am thankful for mashed potatoes and stuffing.
i am thankful for yoga to [attempt to] burn it all off.
i am thankful for pansey valaine and the time i still have with her.
i am thankful that greg doesn't snore.
i am thankful for the cabin. and for snow. and for the christmas tree we will be cutting down this weekend.
i am thankful for greg's job and for our health insurance. i am thankful for no outstanding medical bills.
i am thankful for bag balm and dove conditioner and lipstick.
i am thankful for diet coke, because i will never get to sleep in again.
i am thankful for rainy days and fall leaves.
i am thankful for my big soft bed and cold sheets, because i am exhausted.
i am thankful to be a daughter of God.
i am thankful to know that i am loved.

thanksgiving breakfast with friends.
my first homemade pie crust
first pumpkin pie
 happy thanksgiving!


  1. I loved this post!
    True, there are so many things to be thankful for this season. I also feel so much gratitude for the little things in life.

    Like you, diet coke will be forever on my thankful lists!!

  2. Your pie looks DIVINE! I'm still way too scared to try a lattice top! I'm sure it was delicious!


thank you for your shout outs!