Tuesday, November 22, 2011

gratitude week.

i am grateful for last night.

for evie who has the funniest little personality and gets all of my jokes. last night we had the best time playing. we love to tickle and laugh and roll around together and before bed we were both especially hyper. as the night moved on i tried to stop riling her up and start calming her down, but i couldn't calm myself down either. i tried to rock her and hold her and nurse her like i always do, but even as she settled in to eat, her eyes would meet mine mischievously and then we would both freeze, playing a silent version of the "don't smile first" game. she would stare up at me and i would stare down at her and then, after a few moments, we would both erupt into laughter. this went on and on and on until almost 2 hours after bedtime when i finally asked greg to come put her to bed instead and left her laughing in his arms as i closed her door and laughed in the hallway.

i am grateful for this morning.

for my husband who woke up early, made himself breakfast, put on a dress shirt and ran downstairs to retrieve some dry laundry for me before he left. i am grateful that i was awake just enough to notice the way he came into the bedroom to kiss me goodbye, like he always does, and upon seeing that i was on my stomach with my face buried under a pillow, he lightly kissed my arm instead.


  1. i love those moments with my little girl. Don't you wish you could bottle up her giggles?


thank you for your shout outs!