Monday, November 7, 2011

london: buckingham palace + lunch.

on one of the sunniest days of our trip we hopped in a taxi and headed to buckingham palace to meet the queen! she never came outside to properly welcome us to england, but i will continue to love her regardless, because hello! she's the queen!

after we were finished with the palace, we took a little stroll down the street and had mozzarella panini's and fries at the cutest little cafe we found. i love traveling with my mom, because she understands that a cute little cafe with good food and amazing pastries is just as exciting as a palace sometimes. i mean, really.

aaaannnnddd my baby just woke up, so that's the end of this commentary! pictures!


  1. I completely agree....finding cute little cafes are one of my favorite parts of vacation! And if it's really good, we just might return half a dozen or so times before we leave - because what if we waste our money/taste buds somewhere else that is totally crappy???

  2. I am absolutely green with envy. I cannot wait to go to England!

  3. i love that you can put cute Evie's hair in a little clip. i NEED to see her soon!


thank you for your shout outs!