Thursday, November 17, 2011

london: eating out.

one of my favorite things to do in this world is eat out. i dare say my mother feels the same. pretty much, we really like traveling together and eating pastries for breakfast and never cooking a single meal for 10 days. london isn't known for it's spectacular food, and we didn't find the food spectacular either, but that doesn't mean we didn't love every minute of it.

chicken meat pie with gravy - my favorite meal of the trip!

other things we loved:
  • the pasta carbanara from the little italian restaurant down the street.
  • anything with bacon in it. their bacon is different than ours and it's spectacular.
  • the little breakfast cafe that was packed to the brim on sunday with italian families who all knew each other. pastries, eggs, bacon, toast and more pastries.
  • the mozzarella and prosciutto paninis and gelato at the little cafe near the palace.
  • the fish and chips (served with peas!) at the corner pub.
  • the fries.
  • the pastries and yogurt from the little market outside our hotel. our daily breakfast.
  • the salted caramel shortbread and hot cocoa!

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