Thursday, November 3, 2011

london: hyde park in the fall.

every time i come to the computer to post about our trip to london i get super overwhelmed and/or distracted and end up watching videos and getting lost in the internet instead. (have you seen this one?! #notmybieberbaby)

it's just that i have 700 pictures to sort through and how do i even begin to talk about this trip? we did so much and saw so much and it's hard for me to sum it all up... "london was amazing. we had fun. i pushed my stroller EVERYWHERE. we ate a lot of pastries" (?!?!).

i'm going to ease into this whole blogging about london thing with pictures from our afternoon at hyde park first. hyde park is incredible and you should definitely put it on your to-do list if you ever find yourself in funky london town (saying that just never gets old. i'm sure you feel the same way).

the highlight of my life visit to hyde park was feeding a squirrel FROM MY HAND. that's right! the squirrels there are so friendly they just eat out of your hand, like "hey! i'll take that sweet potato puff right there! mind if i just sit here for a moment before i scurry back up my tree?". CRAZIEST THING EVER!

hyde park was also evie's favorite outing of the trip, what with the horses, squirrels, ducks, swans, birds and dogs running around everywhere, pretty much it was heaven. if we ever move to london (maybe! someday! right, g?) you better believe we would go there every day.

so, a stroll through hyde park in the fall, how does that sound? let's do this!

there is a napping baby in that stroller, fools!
this was cool, but also what the eff is happening here?
kensington palace like it aint no thing.

 there then. hope you had a nice time.


  1. best commentary i have ever read for someone's trip to funky London town (never gets old). hands down. come to UCLA! the squirrels here are big, fat and friendly. won't leave you alone in fact. k can't wait.

  2. wow its beautiful! looks like it was a great time of year to be there... looks cold but so so pretty in the fall!

  3. Well, I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed our little walk, thank you! I love how you take pictures. Next time I want pictures of myself, I'm calling you. Standby, I'm serious.

  4. Oh, and p.s., I loved kissing your husband! Hahahaha!

  5. Oh my gosh-don't hate me for my comment! Someone's going to read this and think I'M the "skank!" Yikes!

  6. Feel free to delete these last 3 comments. I'm in a weird giggly mood. But I was totally kidding!!! Bah-I feel bad.

  7. It looks so beautiful. If you ever move to London I will be visiting each and every fall! :)

  8. Aww, lovely dear. Chip Chip Cherrio me lady!! xo


thank you for your shout outs!