Monday, November 7, 2011

the monday blahs.

g took a 12 hour test at home on saturday. T-W-E-L-V-E hours. i made him breakfast, lunch and dinner and thanked the heavens above a million times that i am not him. he started at noon and finished at midnight and it just wasn't the greatest day this house has ever seen, you know?
this afternoon i took evs and the pups on our coldest walk to date. it probably wasn't a good idea, that walk, but i really needed to get outside and move my bones. we made it home just as the snow started falling from the sky and my poor baby's fingers were like ice for approximately 2 hours afterward. which leads me to ask the following questions: do they make gloves (not mittens) for babies? and do those frozen baby fingers make me mother of the year or what?

i should also mention that today i called 2 wrong numbers in an attempt to call my grandma pansy. T-W-O wrong numbers. i blame my phone. also, my brain. also, the fact that it is monday and gosh, doesn't tuesday just sound a whole lot better right now?

i'd say so.

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  1. The walks are getting SO cold now I know!!! Aaaaa! Poor brayden is a bundled mess in his stroller. I need to ask where you took these pictures because I'm quite interested in doing the same myself this weekend for a photo shoot. Good idea? Thanks Shoog!


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