Friday, November 25, 2011

month ten.

evie jane,

this week you turned ten months old! soon you will be walking and talking and technically a toddler and i just can't even think about it yet. at least i know that your tiny bum will still fit in 6-9 month clothes, despite the fact that you are growing up.

this month you are bursting with personality and enthusiasm. you love the pups. you love it when i point out "doggies" for you to look at. you love your toys. you love eating the blended version of whatever we are having at dinnertime. you love it when i dance for you. you love music in the car just like i do. you stick your tongue out when you are concentrating. you love rolling everywhere you want to go. you love puffs and think i will give you a sip of every drink i am drinking. you can army crawl, but don't seem that motivated to do much else. you love to look at books. you love to play with other little babies and pull their socks off. you still love mickey mouse clubhouse in the mornings.

yesterday was thanksgiving and you were so hyper the whole day. you love attention and the fact that you were bathed in it turned you into a performer. you were smiling and flirting and kicking your legs and sometimes screaming with excitement. you went down for a nap right as we started to carve the bird and when you woke up i fed you turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, yams and pumpkin pie for dessert. you were exhausted by the end of the day and couldn't wait to go to bed.

earlier in the day, as we got ready to leave the house for the big dinner, your dad sat in our bedroom playing with you while i got ready in the bathroom and i heard him say, "gosh, she makes me happy". it was such a sweet moment for me to overhear. he loves you so much and you make both of us feel that way, evie. you have filled this home up with your sunshine and warmth and life is so good with you in it.

thank you for being my sweetest girl. i love you so much!


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  1. She is so cute and tiny! Jack is 4 months old and already on 6-9 month clothes!


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