Wednesday, November 16, 2011

noses that run. moms that are tirrreedd.

and now, everyone in this household is sick.
evie, gjo, probably the dogs if i paid better attention...

luckily i started feeling better just in time for evie and greg to catch some sort of cold, stuffy, groggy, whiny, hold me! thing, so i have my full energy to take care of both of them. luckily!! (?)

evie and i had a hard day today. usually that baby is all sunshine and rainbows, and when she is anything other than that, it's sort of the end of the world. i mean, not to insinuate that she might be a little bit of a drama queen, but really evie, getting your nose wiped isn't that bad.

despite the fact that our day was long and covered in snot (literally) there were still a few good moments. for example, the 20 minutes evie spent on my lap watching tangled together as she snuggled on my chest and sipped her sippy cup. or how cute she looked trying diligently to get a puff out of the treat thingy. i liked the 40 minutes i spent cooking them dinner (butternut squash pasta with almonds and sage) and the 10 minutes i spent nursing evie to sleep.

most of the day was pretty brutal, but those moments were still good.


  1. family sickness weeks can be fun? maybe not? tangled is nice. and that soup sounds divine. unlike the dinner i attempted to make tonight. ultimate faiiilll. anyway - the point of this is to wish your family health and happiness. get well soooon!

  2. so sorry about your family sickness. We've been going through the same thing... bummer! Let's all get healthy and have fun together next weekend, K?

  3. How do you make sickness so funny? And fantastic even?! What the sick day helper!!! Are you KIDDING ME?!? Not that my husband is a heartless beast-far from, but WOW!! Well, I must say Clay has called in the troops (my mom, his mom, his sister) before when I've been sick and if I wasn't so disgusting I would have jumped him. I hope you ALL feel better soon soon soon!

    p.s. You've inspired me to look at cruises that include Germany, Scotland, & England. Way to go. Clay found me looking at flights to Germany, thinks I have myself a German lover, is suspicious.


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