Saturday, December 31, 2011

christmas day twenty eleven.

After our own little Christmas morning at home we headed out for Christmas brunch and church with my fam. Later we got packed up and headed up the mountain to spend the rest of the weekend at the cabin. We had such a great day being with both sides of our family and we loved every minute. Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without all of these faces and memories and time spent with each of them. Love both of our families so so much and we loved our first Christmas with little baby Evs.

This was a sweet moment with Pansey. You can't really tell but she is choking back tears in this picture over a reading lamp my Mom and I chose for her a few weeks ago at Ikea. It was something practical that my Mom knew she needed and who would have thought it would mean so much to her. I love that sweetest Grandma of mine so much.
i love this picture. i imagine she is thinking "man he is so much bigger than i am?!"

and at the cabin....

the cutest rocking moose you ever did see. perfect for cabin, yes?!
babies who stand.
he's too old for that.

And now i officially declare Christmas twenty eleven closed. Will someone please come get rid of all the Christmas clutter in my living room and do all of my returns/exchanges for me?? thankyousomuch.

Ps. I don't think I took enough pictures. Next year someone please remind me to snap one or two! Gosh.