Saturday, December 31, 2011

christmas morning twenty eleven.

My favorite part of Christmas this year was Christmas morning at home with just Greg, Evs and I. Don't get me wrong, we loved all of the family time we had too, but being home with just the three of us to open presents and take videos and watch little Evie discover her new toys under the tree was just the best. Christmas is always really rushed and busy, and this years festivities were probably the busiest, so I loved this time I had at home with just my little family of three. Of course, Evie didn't know what was going on but she totally understood that we were excited about something. When she woke up in the morning G tried to feed her a bottle out in the living room, but she was way too distracted by all the new toys she saw on the floor and had to eat in another room in order to focus on eating. She was such a ham that morning screaming and clapping and looking at each new gift we opened with wonder and excitement. She sure has made this year and this Christmas the best we've ever had.

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