Saturday, December 3, 2011

remembering jackson w.

My Grandpa passed away on this day, three years ago. The day always makes me sad when it rolls around. I miss him. I wish he were here to hold my new baby and give me advice. I wish Greg was able to have more time with him.

I remember everything about him, but what I think about most often is that I miss the way he smelled. You know how people have distinct scents that follow them wherever they go? My Grandpa always smelled like freshly washed and pressed dress shirts. I will never be able to describe the smell, but when I close my eyes and think of him I can still smell the starch. It brings back a flood of memories, and makes me ache a little bit inside.

But even though I am missing him today, I also can't help but feel lucky. Because I had the most wonderful Grandfather anyone could ever ask for. He came to my dance and piano recitals. He brought me flowers on Valentines Day. He was smart and wise and kind, with silver hair and the most wonderful soft voice. He poured cream over his raspberries and built my science fair project for me and I knew him. I really knew him, as a person. I knew how much he loved me. Isn't that wonderful?

pictures from the funeral

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  1. Jmo love, I am so sorry that it is a hard time for you. Remember you are loved from many here and many above. LOVE YOU!


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