Friday, December 2, 2011

today is friday & this was my week.

On Monday we made gingerbread houses with my family and took a family picture and danced to Justin Bieber. I also caught my baby singing along to the music and in case you don't believe me, my brotha took a video...

On Monday night Evs got suuuper sick and cried weee weee weee all night long.

On Tuesday this mother was tiiirrreeed. Also, I took Evs to the doctor because surely she had an ear infection or strep throat or something awful (this isn't my baby!). He told me she was getting another tooth. "See that white ridge under her gums right there? She is teething". Duh. I knew that! (?)

Except not so fast, because on Wednesday she was even sicker than before, plus she was teething, plus we watched home alone in snot-covered clothing all day plus Wednesday was just a really beautiful day.

On Thursday we caught a break when we got to go to the Festival of Trees and watch cutest Makayla and cutest Annie rock their dance recital! Also, Holls and her mama made a gingerbread house for the festival and it was totally the cutest one. Also, on Thursday it was December 1st, but for some reason there wasn't a Christmas tree in my living room.

On Friday I ate my favorite breakfast of greek yogurt + honey + granola and Evie didn't take her morning nap. Then, we went to ikea and obtained a bazillion Christmas presents and my baby rode in the cart like a champ. I bought my mother 4 chocolate bars after we checked out for being such a cutie all day. On Friday, to my surprise and horror, there still wasn't a Christmas tree in my living room.

except this pic isn't from friday, whateveerrr.

And now, onto Saturday, which obviously hasn't happened yet, but here is how I imagine it will go...

On Saturday, G had to study his brains out for finals coming up, so Evie and I were super understanding and supportive of this. And then, since he loves us so much, he took a break for just a few hours and took us to the Christmas tree lot to pick out a darn Christmas tree!! Right, G!?? Evie and I spent the rest of the day decorating the house while listening to Christmas music as snow drizzled softly outside and G took and aced his first final.

On Saturday, Evie was magically better and her third tooth finally broke through and she decided to go to bed at 7pm and sleep until noon, just because. Later, as a surprise, G hired Ryan Gosling to come be my replacement husband for the evening, and Ryan and I totally did the lift from dirty dancing, just like in his movie. (warning: this clip is pg-13 rated, as is this movie & Ryan Gosling totally doesn't have a shirt on in case you're opposed to such things, but you probably shouldn't be, because it is wonderful.)

Anyways, Saturday. That G. So thoughtful.


  1. you're beautiful! and so is your sweet babe!

  2. haha. I LOVED that movie. When they were all fighting I cried I was laughing so hard.

    I'm so sorry Evie is sick! She looks so super sad in those pictures. Poor thing. You're amazing. Hope Ryan comes to your house tonight.

  3. Ahhh! I love that video! Evie, I hope you feel better soon, and G. go get a Christmas tree for crying out loud! ;)

  4. Fact: Evie DID sing! I heard it! So cute!

    What a week-Oh my! Glad we're feeling better now. Your Saturday sounds delightful. Here's to Christmas tree shopping and celebrating the night away with the shirtless Ryan Gosling! YUM!!!

    Good luck to Greg with the final. :)


thank you for your shout outs!