Sunday, January 1, 2012

best year ever.

Here's to 2011. My happiest year thus far. I am so sad to see it go...

In January, I was on bed rest at the hospital watching a lot of Greys and eating a lot of turkey sandwiches and crying a lot of tears. January was a hard, hard month for me. But soon enough Evie Jane was born and happily, she was healthy, and at the end of January we all went home together. Hallefreakingluiah!!

In February I learned how to be a mother, how to nurse, how to get up multiple times per night and sing little lullabies and clip little nails and I fell in love with my new life. I took Evs for her first little walk and finally ventured out of the house and we had a pretty rad Valentines Day. February was good.

In March baby Ella was born and Evs gained a homie for life. In March we also blessed our sweet baby, celebrated my 24th birthday and Evie had her first little photo shoot. She also started smiling and laughing and sleeping all the way through the night, bless her heart.

In April we welcomed Spring, caught baby's first little laughs on camera and celebrated Easter Sundee with the family. During this month I spent a lot of time taking Evs on little adventures and getting both of us dressed up for an afternoon at Target and I wrote a letter to my life (which is kind of weird).

In May I introduced Evie to the pool, hit up a few summer festivals downtown, celebrated my first Mama's day and made a list of ten things for your Monday. I also wrote this post in May which still makes me a little teary eyed and emotional when I read it.

In June Jon & Meg got married! I started and stopped a little photo challenge and we discovered that the Gateway is the best place to take an afternoon walk which led to an adventure in shopping. In June we celebrated G's first Fathers Day and Evie charmed Mitt Romney and I really liked this post Evie wrote for the blog.

In July baby Jackson was born! I started painting again and we took a little getaway to Park City with the family and celebrated the 4th of July and a few reasons to really love that husband of mine.

In August G took a not so little trip to China and I survived 2 weeks without him by distracting myself with family, friends and a lot of really dumb movies he would never watch. I spent a few weeks at my parents home and took a whole bunch of photos of the house I grew up in. August was also the month my blog broke.

In September the leaves started to change and I celebrated the return of my fall wardrobe! G and I celebrated 5 happy years as man and coolest wife. We took Evs to the zoo, tried to take the doctor's suggestions to feed her solids seriously and I wrote a few musings about the Avenues, my Grandma and the end of summer. In September I also got a stye, in my right eye, and not to mention, a ROOT CANAL!!

Hello!! In October we went to freaking London!!! We met the Queen and rode in the cutest taxis and spent two amazing weeks abroad. In October we survived 20 hours of travel with a baby and she learned to clap and I compiled a list of must-do fall festivities. In October the G-man also turned the big bad 32 and we went on our favorite date ever and Evie was a ladybug for Halloween. I really loved October. Like, a lot.

In November we gave thanks and cut down a Christmas tree and got a glorious case of the pukes. Evs was sick a lot in November, so it ended up being a quiet month spent mostly at home in pajamas. In November it also became far too apparent to me that I was losing a baby and gaining a toddler and I started to mourn the loss of my newborn and wish to do it all again.

In December I still felt that way. But also Santa Claus came and we had ourselves a wonderful holiday and Evie and Ella put on a little show. In December we went to dance recitals and Christmas tree festivals and Evie somehow cut a bazillion new teeth. December was full of family and treats and trips to the mall and reminders of what a blessed little life I am leading.

So, yes. I loved 2011. Loved every delicious little moment. It's hard to imagine a better year, but that's the good thing, right? Things just keep evolving and changing and if we have the right perspective, things just keep getting better, too.

cheers to twenty twelve!
I'm excited to see what you have in store for this little fam. So far we have trips to Dubai (g), New Delhi (g), Russia (all of us), North Carolina (all of us) and Newport (all of us) on the agenda. I have a feeling this year will be full of adventure.


  1. What a great year! I can't believe how much Evie has changed from that teeny tiny newborn to the sweetest, happiest little almost-one-year-old! Love you guys, I hope 2012 rocks!

  2. You're going to Russia!? What the what. Dan will be so jealous. He served his mission there. I think this is such a cute idea, to document tour year on your blog. Mind if I steal it? I've been less than steller about blogging lately. Love you. Hope next year is just as great for the olsens

  3. Amazing how much babies change in the firs6t year - so fun to look at all of her pics like this!

  4. yah britany-headed to russia at the end of june/begining of july. i'll have to talk to dan about what to see & do!


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