Wednesday, January 4, 2012

i believe.

today i decided to write a credo. so, without further adieu i give you..
my little and very serious credo!

. i believe that every woman fully deserves: a really amazing (and expensive) concealer, a killer pair of perfectly fitted jeans, a signature scent, a diet coke at 3pm (if she wants one) and a date night.

. i believe that black goes with brown. that leather goes with lace. I believe you should wear what makes you happy and i believe you can totally pull that off.

. i believe in rearranging furniture as a form of therapy.

. i believe that nothing is more beautiful than confidence. i believe in the power of being kind to yourself. i do not believe in hateful self-talk and the body bashing so many woman do. i am not perfect, but you won't hear it from me. i love my body and i believe in accentuating the good.

. i believe that you can be a wonderful mother and still want alone time.

. i believe that an episode of grey's anatomy can get you through even the worst kind of sadness. i do, i do!

. i believe that phones, ipods and ipads do not belong in or anywhere near bathrooms. say it with me now! the bathroom is a NO PHONE ZONE!

. i believe that i will never stop being the person who is always late and always clumsy and always dropping her electronic devices in the bathtub. i believe that's okay.

. i believe in apples with peanut butter. and greek yogurt with honey. and vanilla ice cream with strawberry jam.

. i believe in saying i'm sorry. in getting over yourself. in realizing when you are wrong.

. i believe in one little spoonful of ice cream any time you feel the need. i do not believe in depriving yourself, but i do believe in portion control. hence, just one spoonful never hurt anyone. i do not believe in "all or nothing". (i once read that victoria beckham hasn't had a cookie in something like 10 years and really, how sad for her. a cookie once a year (or once a month even) really won't ruin your life, posh.)

. i believe that really horribly scary movie previews should be banned on most tv channels. i believe that they scare the hell out of me when i am home alone watching the bachelor at 9pm. i believe i never asked for that!

. i believe in being nice to your waitress even if the food is bad and i believe that i never could have married someone who isn't.

. i believe in being silly. i believe in playing. i believe in living room dance parties.

. i believe that j bubba will never stop eating his poop no matter how many times i google ways to stop him.

. i believe that it's perfectly fine to turn on an episode of mickey mouse clubhouse in the mornings and kind of half-sleep while half-watching evie.

. i believe that nothing good happens before 8am. nothing!

. i believe that things work out. i believe that sadness comes and goes. i believe that trials are necessary even though they suck.

. i believe in singing loudly in the car. i believe in driving with the windows down. i believe in a big gulp from 7-11 to accompany you.

. i believe that kids should be allowed to stay up until midnight on new years eve. and i believe they should be able to have a sleepover and make a really messy art project in the kitchen. i believe some parents need to chhhhhillll out.

. i believe in hugs. oh my gosh, i believe in hugs. i believe that i will never stop needing a hug from my mother and i believe that boys should learn to say "i love you".

. i believe in a really healthy breakfast and a good session of yoga.

. i believe in oprah! so much, do i believe in oprah!!

. i believe in sunshine. i believe that if you are feeling down you probably really need to just open your windows and let some sunshine into your home. and if that doesn't work, i believe you need to count your blessings and/or take a shower.

. i believe that husbands deserved to be kissed goodbye in the morning, but i do not believe in getting out of bed to do so.

. i believe you should sleep in if you want to! and if you can! and really, though, why not?

. i believe in laughing gas and an ipod at the dentist.

. i believe in taking pictures.

. i believe that telling my daughter i think she is beautiful will not make her any less intelligent (really, people?). i believe she needs to hear that from me. i believe it is my responsibility to brag about her, and adore her and teach her to love herself.

. i believe in actually swimming in the pool and getting your hair nice and wet and never just sitting on the side.

. i believe in doing things that scare you.

. i believe that life goes on.

what about you? what do you believe?


  1. i believe that i laughed right out loud at " i believe that they scare the hell out of me ". thank you so much. and i believe that you need to read "this i believe" one of annie's favorites that she just gave to me for christmas. this was perfect.

  2. OK. Admission time. Remember me from the Stratford Ward? Somehow, somewhere I started reading your blog (maybe a link from Annie Karren's?) and I love the glimpse into your life. You're funny and smart and you spell everything correctly. So I'm a silent stalker no more.....because I love this post. You should totally read "This I Believe"; an old idea brought back to life on NPR and then made into a book. I did it for book group a few years ago and wrote my own essay.

    Please don't think I'm creepy. And also your daughter is darling.
    --Amy Farmer.

  3. I believe that your picture with this post is the most amazing picture I have seen in a very long time. I also believe that I love your posts!!! Truly. I love them. I am a huge fan of your black with brown thing. I had someone tell me I shouldn't be wearing those two colors together. Forget that! Love you. : ) ps May I have this post idea???

  4. I believe that I love that you and my sister are bbf (best blogging friends). I always knew you two were meant to be. And I believe your blog ALWAYS brings me joy. I think I am always saying this, but this may be my new favorite post. Love you for being so freaking down to earth. Love it!

  5. Monica, why can't I find your blog? Where has it gone? When I click on your name it isn't linked to your profile anymore?

    Anyways, steal away.

  6. I believe getting older is a privilege denied to many ( read that on a dove chocolate and have loved it ever since) and the cliche that life is fragile, is often times too real. I see some much death and tragedy where I work that a day doesn't pass that I don't have a full heart of gratitude. I believe in staying in your pjs and cuddling your baby till right before the hubs gets home, then change into civilian clothes. I believe in giving my child a sense of security, love and traditions. I could go on.........

  7. I quietly giggled through this so as not to wake my husband. And my heart agreed with yours. And today, JANUARY 4th, 2012, I drove with my windows down to soak up the sunshine. :) Love you Jess and the way you think and the way you write it down. Posh needs to have a cookie.

  8. I believe you are a fantastic writer and I love to read your blog!

  9. I believe that you are hilarious! I love your little credo, it made me laugh & I needed that today :)

  10. I believe you need to write a book!


thank you for your shout outs!