Tuesday, January 31, 2012

a party.

we waited until g returned from dubai to have evie's birthday party this past saturday (even though i threatened and teased him many times about having it on her actual birthday while he was away) and we also decided to have it at my parents house, since we wanted to invite more than 2 people.

i had a lot of fun planning and throwing the party & it turned out perfectly without too much fuss or stress. i know a lot of people think it's lame to throw a party for a baby, but that's just too bad, because i loved it. evie loved it too. until i offered her some birthday cake, that is, and then she was pissed. moms can be so rude sometimes, right?!

oh, what's that? you want to see 100 more pictures? mmmkay.

i loved how this simple doilie banner turned out.

i made this vanilla bean cake with vanilla buttercream frosting. i made the teensy little mistake of asking g to frost in-between the layers and there wasn't quite enough frosting as a result (g doesn't like frosting at all, so it made sense that he didn't put much on there). it needed quite a bit more because the cake was huge and dense, but i still thought it was delicious. i'll definitely make it again.
 opening her presents.

(also, i feel the need to say that she had a cardigan on that was shed before any photos were taken. i am aware that it's winter. okaythanks.)

new clothes, new books, new toys, new movies! her favorite gift had to be her new dolly. she screamed when she saw it and immediately wanted to hold it. she loves all things baby and has had a dolly since she was 11 months old, which seems strange to me, since i always thought that was more of a toddler thing. but she loves her dolls. she pats them, holds them, kisses them, sleeps with them and can't own enough of them.

 look at all of her little girlfriends! how lucky is she!? holls, we were sad you guys were in mexico- briggs & beau would have loved all the laaddiees.

cake time.

the part we didn't catch on camera was her diva-attack when she threw her cake on the floor (before the tears, obviously). no worries, evs. it's your party you can j-lo if you want to.

thanks to everyone who came and helped us celebrate our best year ever.

aaaanddd to cap off this evie's first birthday celebration on the blog, i just want to list a few deets & then i promise i'm done.

evie, at one:
  • you are only fifteen pounds! other than your weight, your measurements are very average. this month you had to have your iron levels tested and sure enough, you are anemic. i never doubted that you would be (i am anemic too). you are now taking iron supplements 3x a day-hopefully that helps you hang on to your weight a little bit better.
  • you are a mama's girl. you are in that phase where you sometimes don't want me to set you down. you love to be right in my lap. even if we are sitting side by side, you will crawl in my lap or tug on my clothes, which is your way of telling me to hold you.
  • you are stubborn! so, so stubborn. you are becoming really opinionated and losing your easy-going personality. where you used to just eat whatever, do whatever, enjoy whatever, now you know what you want & you want us to know what you want.
  • you love to be read to and look at books. you still love mickey mouse clubhouse. you are starting to enjoy movies a little bit. your favorite, so far, is finding nemo. if i'm cooking i can usually get you to watch for 10 or 15 minutes before you are crawling in the kitchen after me or going for the dog food or heading into the bathroom.
  • you are very particular and very smart. you remind me so much of your dad.
  • you still wont let me do a thing to your hair. not a thing. not even on your birthday. i used to get away with pigtails, but you've figured those out, too. like i said before, you are very particular and too smart to not notice when i am trying to distract you while i hurry and do your hair.
  • you say "mama", "dada" and "baba" really consistently. every now and then i can get you to say "hi", "nana" or "okay". you bark like a dog if we ask you what a doggie says.
  • speaking of dogs, you are still obsessed with them. you think everything you see (horse, lamb, goat, cat, fish) must bark like a dog. on your birthday i took you to a huge pet store that had some cool aquariums (you love fish) and you barked like a dog at them the whole time we were there.
  • you sing with me when i sing to you and sometimes i hear you singing along with the radio in the car. it is so so sweet.
  • you LOVE blueberries, oranges, strawberries, greek yogurt, carrots, cheese and babas. you don't like peanut butter, crackers, juice or whole milk. you gag when you think something is gross.
  • you LOVE the bath.
  • you HATE to have your diaper changed.
  • you still sleep really well at night and nap really well during the day.
  • you are sweet as pie and love to be held and snuggled and rocked.
  • you still suck your thumb.
  • you still make my world a much happier place.
  • you are still the best.


  1. Such a cute party Jess!! I totally support the party at 1! It's a HUGE milestone, why wouldn't you? And I have to say, that cake is beautiful! I'm impressed. It looks so good too.

  2. that caaake!! so good. the whole party was adorable and perfectly executed. my birthday is in april.. come throw me a party?

  3. Oh my!!! It all turned out SO very cute!! I wanted to be there and finally meet your mom and Pansy and your other peeps.

    I still have your invitation on my fridge b/c I thought it was so cute. My kids keep asking how her party went & will be so happy to see pictures that she did in fact, turn one, and had a party to celebrate. :( They're pretty excited about that little girl of yours. I thought it might just be the thought of cake...but, no.

    I think of Evie when Brayden throws himself to the floor when we don't understand what he's saying. Because, truly, he is the most pleasant, charming, sweet little guy ever. I think to myself, "Will Evie always be the way she is like Brayden or will she get a little ruffled too?"

    And I've done this mom stuff before, but thought possibly, it was ME making him cranky and being all up in my grill about stuff. Glad to feel like it's more the age. Still such a sweetheart though.

    Whoa! Ramblefest 2012!!!

    Happiest of happy birthdays to Evie! I love the doilie banner, the treats looks scrumptious and that cake just about wowed the pants off of me. Can't wait to see you soon!

  4. So, so cute! She grew up so fast. I love the way your party looked. Great job! Congratulations on having a 1 year old!

  5. Cute birthday party! I love all the decorations and the food looked amazing. I can't believe Evie is already one year old! Wish we could have been there for the party. Hopefully we can meet up next time we're in town!

  6. Everything looks fantastic! Good job mom! I'm already thinking about what to do for my little girl's first birrhday, and hers isn't until July :)

  7. oh my gosh! seeing the pics of that cute cute cute party i seriously almost cried. oh how i wish I could have been there. I love you people more than life itself! im glad it was so great and it looks like you did such a great job on EVERYTHING!! so cute.

    p.s. I'm glad Evie likes dolls cuz I may or may not have also got her a doll. Hope she doesn't mind a repeat gift. shhhh. dont tell her- let it be a surprise. :)

  8. Love how this party turned out! It looks so beautiful and sweet. I absolutely love the cake. You have the best taste ever! xo


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