Thursday, February 23, 2012

clean white love.

it all started with a thud.

i was in the bathroom getting ready when i heard her. a smack against the carpeted floor and a loud cry for maaammmaaaaaa!! in i went to find her there, out of her crib, sprawled out on the floor. and she was crying, but also kind of laughing and i thought to myself: here we go.

after i kissed her owie and dried her tears and explained that we do not crawl out of the crib, we headed off to my doctor's appointment. i tried to listen to the doctor and stifle my laughter as i watched her out of the corner of my eye throwing puffs and goldfish crackers and cheerios at him as he spoke. when she finally started singing loudly to her dolly in the corner, i lost it, and prayed he would find her as charming as i did.

later, she played the guitar for me, in the sunshine of our living room. the melody was made up of strums and smacks and screams and she ended the whole concert from on top of the guitar where she had proudly climbed, a little rock-star for the moment.

next i found her with the tissue box. she'd pulled it off the coffee table and was pulling them out furiously one at a time. soon the living room was coated in a layer of fluffy white and the dust of crumpled, shredded tissues danced in the air. and so we spent the afternoon tossing them and ripping them and, occassionaly, trying to eat them, laughing and smiling and screaming with delight.

when nap time finally came she struggled to calm her tiny body. she was standing up and then sitting down and then rolling from one end of the crib to another as she loudly recited all the words she knows. and so in i went to help her. i lifted her warm body from her crib and nestled her little head against my chest and rocked her. back and forth and back and forth we swayed in the hazy darkness of her bedroom. we rocked until her breathing became steady and her thumb found its way into her mouth. she was heavy in my arms and her blonde hair danced softly above her head to the rhythm of our lullaby and as she drifted into dreaming, i thought to myself: this will be one of the days i remember.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

just us.

this picture doesn't have much to do with the post- i just love her & think she is beautiful.
this morning, we woke up to snow. 

after months of wishing, it was finally falling outside our windows. g could barely contain his excitement at the thought of maybe, possibly, hopefully going snowmobiling this weekend and evie loved to stand next to the window and watch it drizzle down. since our baby girl is still sick with some nasty virus & g woke up feeling sick as well, we decided to take the day off of church and try to recover/not spread the germs any further.

we spent the day at home in our pajamas instead. the house was warm. the air was rich with the scent of dinner in the crock pot and time moved slowly. evie slept in (which was much appreciated since her mama & dada didn't get home from their date last night until after midnight) and then i made us all hot cider and chocolate malt-o-meal for breakfast. we watched the lion king together and ate our breakfast on the couch slowly.

soon, the afternoon came. we read some books, petted some doggies, ate potato soup and crackers with cheese for lunch and then evie went down for a looonngg nap. the house was silent as g studied, i read my book on the couch and evie girl slept the day away in her bedroom. when it finally got dark, we made enchiladas together in the kitchen, turned on the grammys and chased our baby bird all around the house.

it was nothing exciting. just one of those perfect days tucked away at home, with nothing to do and nowhere to go and just me, my baby, and my sweet husband- just the way i like it.

sometimes i really love sick days.

Friday, February 10, 2012

finally friday.

old collage from one of the blog posts i restored---holla!
hello! how has your week been? it's friday and the vow opens today. do you have your tickets? are you getting ready to go? i bought tickets for myself and some friends just this morning and i swear to you i scored some of the last seats in the state. it almost feels like a mini twilight premiere, no? channing tatum don't fail me now!

we've been home most of this week. evie picked up some sort of flu bug and anytime i even think about leaving the house she starts coughing and gagging and crawling into my lap to be rocked, and you just couldn't pay me a million dollars to drag her to the grocery store right now (okay maybe you could pay me a million dollars, but i won't accept less!). hoping she starts feeling better soon, because i had/have big plans for this weekend.

since we've been home-bound, i've been desperately trying to fix the blog during evie's nap times these past few days. our hard-drive is full and the pictures need to be moved to an external hard-drive & i really, really want to fix the blog before i wipe them all out. it's been a daunting process, trying to upload all those pictures again and i've learned a few things about myself in the process...

1. i take lots of pictures. like,  thousands of pictures. and i post way too many on the blog (some of these posts had 40+ pictures on them, i kid you not.)

2. when i import pictures from my camera to my computer, i like name the folders things like "mmmmk" and "random" and "whatever i don't know". this makes finding pictures for old posts so fun!

3. i should never cut my bangs again. never, ever. can someone please remind me of this the next time i convince myself to cut my bangs. dear self: NO BANGS.

4. we've had some great times & i am so glad i have been blogging about my life all these years. sometimes it's hard to even remember what things were like pre-evie, but then i read our newlywed posts and cringe/cry because some of it is just so cheesy sweet.

i'm hoping to have all my photos uploaded again by the end of next week. that's my goal-so help me! so far, i'm most excited about these specific picture-heavy posts being restored in all their glory!! (i think number five is my favorite!)

one | two | three | four | five

cheers to the weekend!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

a memory.

dear baby girl,

tonight, when you crawled into my lap, wrapped your little arms around my neck, and spontaneously gave me three kisses right on the lips (without me asking you for a "kiss" first) you sort of made my life.

just thought you should know.

i love you.

to remember.

Source: via jessica on Pinterest

i pinned this the other day and haven't been able to stop thinking of it since. i decided it deserved its very own post here on the blog. i love this quote and hope to keep it in mind this year.

Monday, February 6, 2012

real life.

today was a hard day to be a mother. or a maid. or a chef to a teensy tiny picky little feather of a baby. today was just kind of a hard day, you know?

after surviving the crisis that was this entire day from 3pm on, i have a little gratitude list to share with you. because during the worst of it (as i wiped throw-up from the walls) that's what i was FORCING myself to think about.

without further adieu...

. i am grateful for my sweet friend brooke who invited us to lunch today. i met her at the grocery store. she saw me shopping with evie a few months ago and wheeled herself and her brand-new baby over to say hello to me, a complete stranger. how cool is that? she is wonderful.

. i am grateful that despite this terrible evening my dinner was delicious.

. i am grateful for Ellen. i used to be grateful for Oprah, but now I am grateful for Ellen.

. i am grateful to be a mom. gosh, it's hard sometimes.

. i am grateful for the swifter wet jet and the vacuum and especially for lysol wipes. i have a testimony of lysol wipes and I know they are true.

. i am grateful for mickey mouse. he is a good good soul and i'd be lost without him.

. i am grateful for my mom. i am grateful I can call her mid-crisis and sort of half cry/half yell into the phone. i am grateful she had FIVE children and i am one of them. bless her.

. i am grateful for greek yogurt and I am grateful evie is loving whole milk. sing praises!

. i am grateful everything evie threw up on this evening was washable. myself included.

. i am grateful for my sweetest g. i am especially grateful to him for being my friend.

. i am grateful that the first thing evie wanted to do after the barfing was over was give her mama a kiss. i mean, i went ahead and declined, but what a sweetheart.

. i am grateful to know that at least she is a good sleeper because I get to put her to bed and have the next 12 hours off!

. i am grateful for the bachelor. i mean, really. god bless you, chris harrison!

this weekend in collage.

this weekend in collage

01. we watched the superbowl with family and played on the floor with babies (to be honest, i hardly even knew who was playing). g & i made coconut shrimp to share.
02. dinner with my love at five guys burgers & fries and a movie night at home.
03. evs made the switch to whole milk & rocked some pink converse on game day.
04. we had a playdate at the gateway & lunch with friends here.
05. not a weekend goes by in which i don't clean.
06. evie started sleeping with her bla bla doll! so cute.
07. i met my cousin for lunch here & loved catching up over diet cokes.
08. i gave myself a long overdue mani/pedi.
09. blue & white stripes & pink lips. what i wore.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

a few good things.

i just put the baby down for her morning nap-it's a blistery day and my neighborhood is covered in a layer of fresh snow. i've spent this week catching up on laundry and cleaning and now i'm feeling the need to get out of the house & wishing the weather was warm enough for a walk. the cold has me feeling a bit blah this morning, so i thought i'd list a few things (we're talking actual things, here people) that make me happy on days like today.

ancient grains granola with almonds: if you're a costco member, please buy this granola next time you are there. i've always been a granola lover, but this stuff takes the cake. if you like big hunks of crunchy granola (not fine granola), you'll love this. my favorite way to eat it is on top of a big bowl of greek yogurt (drizzled with honey) for breakfast. i seriously dream about this breakfast.

anthro's blue volcano candle: do i even need to say anything? we all know the scent of this candle is intoxicating & instantly makes your home feel brighter, cleaner and more beautiful. buy it. burn it.
i go through one every 6 months or so. (thanks to jennie for my current one!)

the new girl: if you aren't watching you should be! how hilarious was this week's episode and jess' rant about "the polka-dot incident"...i was dying. rock a lot of polka dots.

glee's "human nature" cover: this cover is good. i dare you to listen to it and not feel happy & motivated to have a nice day. go ahead & try. this week i've also been listening to a lot of the civil wars (although they are not happy or motivating in the slightest. you've been warned.)

target's dark denim jeggings: and when does target not get it right, though?! in the past, i've been a lover of skinny jeans from urban outfitters or jbrand, but i have to say these target jeggings rival my more expensive favorites. i have two pairs and i live in them. they are tight and comfortable and perfect for a day at home or a night out.

fresh flowers: again, i get mine from costco. in the winter, i love to buy one of their $8 bunches and split it up into 3 pretty arrangements that cheer up my home. $8 for a bit of spring in the dead of winter? that's a no brainier.

clementines: the perfect winter pick-me-up. between evie & i, we will eat at least 6 of them today.

nars illuminator:  like summer on your face. instantly brightens your skin without even a hint of shimmer or sparkle. i like to mix a drop with my moisturizer or put a tiny bit on each cheekbone.

what about you guys? what items help you survive a dreary winter day?