Thursday, February 23, 2012

clean white love.

it all started with a thud.

i was in the bathroom getting ready when i heard her. a smack against the carpeted floor and a loud cry for maaammmaaaaaa!! in i went to find her there, out of her crib, sprawled out on the floor. and she was crying, but also kind of laughing and i thought to myself: here we go.

after i kissed her owie and dried her tears and explained that we do not crawl out of the crib, we headed off to my doctor's appointment. i tried to listen to the doctor and stifle my laughter as i watched her out of the corner of my eye throwing puffs and goldfish crackers and cheerios at him as he spoke. when she finally started singing loudly to her dolly in the corner, i lost it, and prayed he would find her as charming as i did.

later, she played the guitar for me, in the sunshine of our living room. the melody was made up of strums and smacks and screams and she ended the whole concert from on top of the guitar where she had proudly climbed, a little rock-star for the moment.

next i found her with the tissue box. she'd pulled it off the coffee table and was pulling them out furiously one at a time. soon the living room was coated in a layer of fluffy white and the dust of crumpled, shredded tissues danced in the air. and so we spent the afternoon tossing them and ripping them and, occassionaly, trying to eat them, laughing and smiling and screaming with delight.

when nap time finally came she struggled to calm her tiny body. she was standing up and then sitting down and then rolling from one end of the crib to another as she loudly recited all the words she knows. and so in i went to help her. i lifted her warm body from her crib and nestled her little head against my chest and rocked her. back and forth and back and forth we swayed in the hazy darkness of her bedroom. we rocked until her breathing became steady and her thumb found its way into her mouth. she was heavy in my arms and her blonde hair danced softly above her head to the rhythm of our lullaby and as she drifted into dreaming, i thought to myself: this will be one of the days i remember.


  1. You remind me how even the most mundane of days is actually a wonderful gift from God! Thanks for sharing your talent and your beautiful way with words!

  2. I could die over that bottom shot of you two.

  3. That is too cute. sounds like you have your hands full with her, just wait till she starts walking. Yikes! I love you two. So adorable.

  4. Oh my gosh, I love the age she is at! Everything is about discovery (and mischief) and it is so much fun to watch it all! I loved this post!

  5. You are sucha good mama!!!! Love this. xoxo

  6. What a gorgeous post, and adorable pictures! x


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