Thursday, February 2, 2012

a few good things.

i just put the baby down for her morning nap-it's a blistery day and my neighborhood is covered in a layer of fresh snow. i've spent this week catching up on laundry and cleaning and now i'm feeling the need to get out of the house & wishing the weather was warm enough for a walk. the cold has me feeling a bit blah this morning, so i thought i'd list a few things (we're talking actual things, here people) that make me happy on days like today.

ancient grains granola with almonds: if you're a costco member, please buy this granola next time you are there. i've always been a granola lover, but this stuff takes the cake. if you like big hunks of crunchy granola (not fine granola), you'll love this. my favorite way to eat it is on top of a big bowl of greek yogurt (drizzled with honey) for breakfast. i seriously dream about this breakfast.

anthro's blue volcano candle: do i even need to say anything? we all know the scent of this candle is intoxicating & instantly makes your home feel brighter, cleaner and more beautiful. buy it. burn it.
i go through one every 6 months or so. (thanks to jennie for my current one!)

the new girl: if you aren't watching you should be! how hilarious was this week's episode and jess' rant about "the polka-dot incident"...i was dying. rock a lot of polka dots.

glee's "human nature" cover: this cover is good. i dare you to listen to it and not feel happy & motivated to have a nice day. go ahead & try. this week i've also been listening to a lot of the civil wars (although they are not happy or motivating in the slightest. you've been warned.)

target's dark denim jeggings: and when does target not get it right, though?! in the past, i've been a lover of skinny jeans from urban outfitters or jbrand, but i have to say these target jeggings rival my more expensive favorites. i have two pairs and i live in them. they are tight and comfortable and perfect for a day at home or a night out.

fresh flowers: again, i get mine from costco. in the winter, i love to buy one of their $8 bunches and split it up into 3 pretty arrangements that cheer up my home. $8 for a bit of spring in the dead of winter? that's a no brainier.

clementines: the perfect winter pick-me-up. between evie & i, we will eat at least 6 of them today.

nars illuminator:  like summer on your face. instantly brightens your skin without even a hint of shimmer or sparkle. i like to mix a drop with my moisturizer or put a tiny bit on each cheekbone.

what about you guys? what items help you survive a dreary winter day?


  1. this week's episode of new girl was sooooo good!! tanner fell asleep before it started and i was just laughing and laughing and laughing on my own. fresh flowers are the nicest. the civil wars! so good. are you on spotify? you need to be. i'm addicted. anything anthro = divinity.

    my cure for a dreary winter in CA. come visit! but when i was in utah - wrapping myself in a blanket and reading a book/watching gilmore girls orrr playing any sort of nice music. i'm not much of a product gal. wish i was so i could take pretty photos and post nice pics like youuu

  2. I really need to get on the fresh flower wagon. My heated throw blanket is what gets me through the winter....and targets lemon poppyseed scones. They're dangerously've been warned.

  3. Oh, that candle for sure! I don't think I will ever change that. I also love that illuminator too. I've never tried mixing it in with my moisturizer, so I'll have to now. Baking too. For some reason baking is what I do when it's dreary, and it cheers me right up. My goody goody slippers are my best friend those days too!

    Why do I love this post so much? It's just a pretty one Jess.

  4. First off, before I read anything & forget...can I just say that when I see that your blog has been updated, I get really really happy? Okay...onto reading.

  5. I felt the blahs today. When I opened the shutters and saw the grey & snow, I said, "bah!" and wanted to crawl into hibernation. Then the sun came out and I RAN around the house throwing open every shutter on the south side of our house to let the sunshine in. When it went behind a cloud, I stared at my aqua painted desk/hutch (which makes me happy) for about an hour thinking of books I love and quotes from them and decorating the room in my mind. How do you make me talk so long?

    I'll try to focus more on things & get back to you.


thank you for your shout outs!