Friday, February 10, 2012

finally friday.

old collage from one of the blog posts i restored---holla!
hello! how has your week been? it's friday and the vow opens today. do you have your tickets? are you getting ready to go? i bought tickets for myself and some friends just this morning and i swear to you i scored some of the last seats in the state. it almost feels like a mini twilight premiere, no? channing tatum don't fail me now!

we've been home most of this week. evie picked up some sort of flu bug and anytime i even think about leaving the house she starts coughing and gagging and crawling into my lap to be rocked, and you just couldn't pay me a million dollars to drag her to the grocery store right now (okay maybe you could pay me a million dollars, but i won't accept less!). hoping she starts feeling better soon, because i had/have big plans for this weekend.

since we've been home-bound, i've been desperately trying to fix the blog during evie's nap times these past few days. our hard-drive is full and the pictures need to be moved to an external hard-drive & i really, really want to fix the blog before i wipe them all out. it's been a daunting process, trying to upload all those pictures again and i've learned a few things about myself in the process...

1. i take lots of pictures. like,  thousands of pictures. and i post way too many on the blog (some of these posts had 40+ pictures on them, i kid you not.)

2. when i import pictures from my camera to my computer, i like name the folders things like "mmmmk" and "random" and "whatever i don't know". this makes finding pictures for old posts so fun!

3. i should never cut my bangs again. never, ever. can someone please remind me of this the next time i convince myself to cut my bangs. dear self: NO BANGS.

4. we've had some great times & i am so glad i have been blogging about my life all these years. sometimes it's hard to even remember what things were like pre-evie, but then i read our newlywed posts and cringe/cry because some of it is just so cheesy sweet.

i'm hoping to have all my photos uploaded again by the end of next week. that's my goal-so help me! so far, i'm most excited about these specific picture-heavy posts being restored in all their glory!! (i think number five is my favorite!)

one | two | three | four | five

cheers to the weekend!

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