Sunday, February 12, 2012

just us.

this picture doesn't have much to do with the post- i just love her & think she is beautiful.
this morning, we woke up to snow. 

after months of wishing, it was finally falling outside our windows. g could barely contain his excitement at the thought of maybe, possibly, hopefully going snowmobiling this weekend and evie loved to stand next to the window and watch it drizzle down. since our baby girl is still sick with some nasty virus & g woke up feeling sick as well, we decided to take the day off of church and try to recover/not spread the germs any further.

we spent the day at home in our pajamas instead. the house was warm. the air was rich with the scent of dinner in the crock pot and time moved slowly. evie slept in (which was much appreciated since her mama & dada didn't get home from their date last night until after midnight) and then i made us all hot cider and chocolate malt-o-meal for breakfast. we watched the lion king together and ate our breakfast on the couch slowly.

soon, the afternoon came. we read some books, petted some doggies, ate potato soup and crackers with cheese for lunch and then evie went down for a looonngg nap. the house was silent as g studied, i read my book on the couch and evie girl slept the day away in her bedroom. when it finally got dark, we made enchiladas together in the kitchen, turned on the grammys and chased our baby bird all around the house.

it was nothing exciting. just one of those perfect days tucked away at home, with nothing to do and nowhere to go and just me, my baby, and my sweet husband- just the way i like it.

sometimes i really love sick days.


  1. I have to agree...she is beautiful. Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me. What was it you were cooking in the crock pot? I'm on the search for more recipes.

  2. I love this picture of Evie! She is gorgeous!!

  3. Coming back?!?! That's the best news! Are you happy or sad about it? Why the change? I'm sooo excited! Now Maxwell and Evie can really start their relationship. This long distance thing has been tough for him. But really.

  4. Oops. Who ends a comment on "but really"? Meant to finish is with "but really. Best news of the day,"


thank you for your shout outs!