Monday, February 6, 2012

real life.

today was a hard day to be a mother. or a maid. or a chef to a teensy tiny picky little feather of a baby. today was just kind of a hard day, you know?

after surviving the crisis that was this entire day from 3pm on, i have a little gratitude list to share with you. because during the worst of it (as i wiped throw-up from the walls) that's what i was FORCING myself to think about.

without further adieu...

. i am grateful for my sweet friend brooke who invited us to lunch today. i met her at the grocery store. she saw me shopping with evie a few months ago and wheeled herself and her brand-new baby over to say hello to me, a complete stranger. how cool is that? she is wonderful.

. i am grateful that despite this terrible evening my dinner was delicious.

. i am grateful for Ellen. i used to be grateful for Oprah, but now I am grateful for Ellen.

. i am grateful to be a mom. gosh, it's hard sometimes.

. i am grateful for the swifter wet jet and the vacuum and especially for lysol wipes. i have a testimony of lysol wipes and I know they are true.

. i am grateful for mickey mouse. he is a good good soul and i'd be lost without him.

. i am grateful for my mom. i am grateful I can call her mid-crisis and sort of half cry/half yell into the phone. i am grateful she had FIVE children and i am one of them. bless her.

. i am grateful for greek yogurt and I am grateful evie is loving whole milk. sing praises!

. i am grateful everything evie threw up on this evening was washable. myself included.

. i am grateful for my sweetest g. i am especially grateful to him for being my friend.

. i am grateful that the first thing evie wanted to do after the barfing was over was give her mama a kiss. i mean, i went ahead and declined, but what a sweetheart.

. i am grateful to know that at least she is a good sleeper because I get to put her to bed and have the next 12 hours off!

. i am grateful for the bachelor. i mean, really. god bless you, chris harrison!

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  1. Hmmm...sick days. So sorry about the barf, the mess, the way it kind of turns the world onto it's side. Good grateful list. Good reminder to me.

    Thinking of you tonight as I watch Conan late into the night while Clay roams the streets of Austin, enjoying great music and delicious food...

    Been thinking of you a LOT lately, in fact.

    We'll chat soon.


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