Tuesday, March 20, 2012

life outside my windows.

i've always been a lover of the night time, but evenings here at our little home in the sky just slay me. there's just something about those city lights through my window. today was such a long day. evie is sick, again, with a fever that's lasted two days now and she is as miserable as can be. after a day of non-stop whining and crying it's so nice to put her to bed, turn off all of the lights in this house and just watch the city through my windows. the lights pulse and move and sway and it all seems to be one big reminder that life goes on. i love to wonder what all those people out there are up to, racing through the darkness in a furry, moving through time and space to destinations all their own. it's crazy to me that every light i see represents an entire life, unique and meaningful, like mine.

i don't know what it is i love so much about those city lights. i guess they just speak to my romantic heart.

Friday, March 16, 2012


morning bedhead:


pulling up/standing/climbing/crawling/getting ready for walking:

hamming it up for mom:

 feeding the doggies her snacks:

being the coolest.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


the sun came out today.

we spent it wearing sunglasses and sunscreen
at the park, barefoot on the sidewalk, on a blanket on the front lawn.

ev crawled through the dead, prickly grass and examined the cracks on the pavement.

we went down the slide and back and forth on the swings
we ate cupcakes at the park with sticky hands.

the afternoon found us covered in dirt and sunshine and sweat.

it occurred to me to snap a few pictures of mr. sun as he made his final decent towards the west.
this day was good for my soul.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

wednesday sunshine.

i love spending my days with this little lover. usually we start out with bowls of yogurt on the living room rug and book-reading in footy pajamas. i love sharing lunch in the afternoon and heading out for errands or a walk, if the weather is nice. she babbles and talks to me all day long, barking and laughing and saying "mama!" and "dadda!" and "okay!" and "hi!". we sing along to pandora and shake our shoulders and she gives me kisses on the lips even when i don't ask for them.

she is my sunshine on a gloomy day like today.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

yesterday afternoon.

yesterday afternoon, when i opened my kitchen door to go put a load of laundry in (our laundry room is downstairs) i was greeted with the most glorious and unexpected burst of warm spring sunshine. it had arrived completely out of nowhere, and it warmed my soul from the inside out, that sunshine did.

after the clothes were spinning and the chores were finished evie and i decided to spend the rest of the afternoon outside. we harnessed the dogs and threw on some jackets and headed off for some adventure. i decided to snap some pictures along the way, because i love where we live & i know we won't live here forever.

last week, my friend lindsay and i were talking about how much she is loving the neighborhood she just moved to with her family and she told me she loves going for walks now without running into huge cracks in the sidewalk (her neighborhood is new). so linds, i took all these pictures for you! i mean, i really wouldn't know what that's like!
 this house. spooky. riiiggght??
 we made a pit-stop at the neighborhood library. can you see the pups through the window?
on our way home mr. toby decided he'd had enough. he planted his little paws and sat his little bum down and refused to budge. we'd tackled many blocks and a few hills, and yes, okay, my calves were hurting too, but c'mon toby! what a wuss.
  he spent the rest of the walk in the stroller. it wasn't a proud moment for him.
this house. i love.

when we finally made it home, we collapsed on the lawn and shared a bowl of berries on a blanket with our friends until it was time start dinner.

it was a great afternoon. i hope my old pal, mr. sun, decides to come again soon!