Monday, April 16, 2012

a traveling man.

g love is currently taking the world by storm, with his latest endeavor being a trip to india. we miss him so much when he travels, but he is great about skyping us and checking in often. i love seeing that cute scruffy face on the screen and missing him while he's away.

evs and i are getting by alright without him with lots of help from my sweet mom. thanks to me witnessing a 4am attempted break in across the street a few nights before he left (and being the one to call 911 and get the criminal arrested, thank you very much) i am waiting out this trip at my parents house. that night sort of depleted what little courage i had for sleeping home alone with the baby, but staying with my parents is about 100x more fun than being home alone, so i'm not complaining.

g is studying hard and playing hard, while i single-mom-it here at home and basically just try to stay awake. yesterday, during a skype conversation, he kept asking me if i was doing okay and i kept insisting that i was, despite his constant questioning. when i finally asked him why he was so concerned he told me he had counted 7 yawns so far in our 10 minute conversation.


so, yah.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

wheeler farm in the sunshine.


what's not to love?

Monday, April 9, 2012

easter sundee.

we had ourselves an easter sundee! this holiday kind of snuck up on me and i dropped the ball on getting evie a new easter dress, dying easter eggs or taking very many pictures, but the easter bunny did remember the basket, so the holiday wasn't a total bust! we also loved going to grandma & grandpa olsen's house to eat a delicious dinner, hunt for easter eggs and play with the cousins. hope your easter was a success and your kitchen cupboards are full of chocolate!

ps. a lot changes in a year! last year's easter sundee here

Monday, April 2, 2012

so, i've got these cell phone pics.

please pardon my absence (again) from the bloggity, but i've just settled back to reality after a whole 7 days of no school for the husband. that means we've been playing to our hearts content after work each day and spending lots of time away from computers. a new sememster of school starts up for him today, so it's back to quiet nights at home while he studies and blogging, once again.

here's what's gone down since we last talked...

evie fell asleep on me for the first time since she was a baby and it was probably the most magical moment of my life. i lasted for about 20 minutes in frozen position before i moved her to her crib so i could take a breath.
i felt the need to take a picture of the light of my life aka this breakfast.
had a date night to see hunger games with the husband. LOVED the movie. forgot to take any pictures.

had a birthday on the twenty first and turned twenty five. i was very spoiled all day with lunch out with my mom, shopping, gelato, cupcakes & a gift from my dear friend McKenzie, a lemon bar in a box, lots of sweet cards and dinner out with greg at the restaurant to top all restaurants. i will dream about this dinner every night until i'm back there eating that garlic sauce again, thank you, amen.
the day after my birthday, evs and i went to opening day of city creek with friends. it was a madhouse, but totally worth it to be in on the action. we are loving that downtown slc is buzzing these days, finally, after 3 years of living here!
we taught our friends how to play poker during an epic night and i made the mistake of giving evie a nutrigrain bar to eat in the car...
went out to lunch with some friends for my birthday and tried to get a decent picture of these two sweet lovers, to no avail.
realized that this little muffin's hair is long enough for real pig tails and died a little inside because of the cuteness.

revistited city creek a few too many times.
had lunch with my cousin, britany and her little family, who were visiting. loved watching these cute babies play.

and...back to city creek. when in doubt, go there.

 went to the park and played outside every day the sun was shining.

had a great weekend watching conference, celebrating my cousin's wedding, meeting family down at city creek (surprise!) eating good food and helping morgan make andy an april fools sponge cake. (thanks cousin kassie for the idea)
and now you're all caught up!