Monday, April 9, 2012

easter sundee.

we had ourselves an easter sundee! this holiday kind of snuck up on me and i dropped the ball on getting evie a new easter dress, dying easter eggs or taking very many pictures, but the easter bunny did remember the basket, so the holiday wasn't a total bust! we also loved going to grandma & grandpa olsen's house to eat a delicious dinner, hunt for easter eggs and play with the cousins. hope your easter was a success and your kitchen cupboards are full of chocolate!

ps. a lot changes in a year! last year's easter sundee here


  1. the eyes closed pic is the cuuutest. and last year's easter pic with your little photo gallery in the back killed me. i'd like to have that wall please. thanks!

  2. I think it looked like a perfectly wonderful Easter!! Such a cute dress!

  3. Jess, Evie's little swimming suit is adorable! I'm so glad we were able to see all of you on Easter!


thank you for your shout outs!