Monday, April 16, 2012

a traveling man.

g love is currently taking the world by storm, with his latest endeavor being a trip to india. we miss him so much when he travels, but he is great about skyping us and checking in often. i love seeing that cute scruffy face on the screen and missing him while he's away.

evs and i are getting by alright without him with lots of help from my sweet mom. thanks to me witnessing a 4am attempted break in across the street a few nights before he left (and being the one to call 911 and get the criminal arrested, thank you very much) i am waiting out this trip at my parents house. that night sort of depleted what little courage i had for sleeping home alone with the baby, but staying with my parents is about 100x more fun than being home alone, so i'm not complaining.

g is studying hard and playing hard, while i single-mom-it here at home and basically just try to stay awake. yesterday, during a skype conversation, he kept asking me if i was doing okay and i kept insisting that i was, despite his constant questioning. when i finally asked him why he was so concerned he told me he had counted 7 yawns so far in our 10 minute conversation.


so, yah.


  1. you were THE witness! you stopped a criminal! you are very brave and i'm super impressed. safe travels to g and if you ever feel the need to take a trip of your own...LA and I are always here for you!


thank you for your shout outs!