Wednesday, May 23, 2012


i spent the majority of tonight straightening and fluffing and photographing my nest so my in-laws (who own this home) can get it listed in the next few days.

our downstairs neighbors, and dear friends, are busy packing and getting ready for their big move across the country early next week. i remember the day they brought their baby girl home from the hospital and ryan banged on the ceiling to tell me i should come down and see her. now, she is 3.

tonight, i laid on my bed and watched the setting sun through my windows and felt so sad about all of it. normally, i love change. i get bored easily and a new place or a new job or a new view is welcomed and refreshing. this time, i only feel sad.

i love this home more than any place greg & i have shared together. we brought our first baby home through these doors and we grew the most as a family and as individuals inside this space. we have dear friends and great memories. the house is full of twinkling lights and sunshine and everything i love.

i will miss it so, so much.


  1. Well, it is a gorgeous house, but I think most of that can be attributed to you and your impeccable style. I went through the same thing when I left Kansas and our little apartment, but it really does get better and it really is worth it in the end. You'll get to decorate a whole new place and make it your own, all the while making new memories and finding new things to love.

  2. It is such a a strange feeling to leave a place that has become a part of your heart. Hard to put into words.

    Every time we've done it,we've been happy, even if it took a while.:)

    Good luck. I love your cute little house.

    Now, I'm so very happy we took Evie's newborn pics there. I always try to point that out to people. It makes it that much more special. Maybe I'll start referencing this post! :)

    Love ya!

  3. You should buy it! It's SO cute!!!


thank you for your shout outs!