Thursday, May 3, 2012

the difference between you and me.

the other day i decided to be a hero and pick up some cupcakes on the way home from the pool. you know, from the sweet tooth fairy. for g, naturally. i picked red-velvet for me and salted caramel for him, plus a whole bunch of cake-bites for good measure. the whole car ride home those cake-bites taunted me from their little plastic cup holder thing and promised me a lifetime of happiness if i'd just take a bite. by the time we arrived home 10 minutes later, each one had been sampled and declared to be very delicious.

when g got home from work that night my red velvet was half way gone. and now riddle me this: how does one avoid eating a red velvet cupcake when a red velvet cupcake is staring you in the face, because i surely don't have a clue. i forced myself to save the other half for the next day and i must have walked past that cupcake 57 times in the next 12 hours examine it's moistness and sniff it's frosting and promise we'd be together soon.

the next morning, i ate it for breakfast.

meanwhile, g didn't touch his salted caramel. he barely batted an eye when i reminded him of it after dinner. "there is a cupcake waiting for you!!" i told him and he smiled his half smile and nodded his norwegian head and went and whipped himself up another gosh darn green smoothie.

and now this is where i wonder about that man of mine. i mean, what is wrong with him!? i felt seriously concerned about him all night. should i have taken his temperature??

the next day that salted caramel cupcake continued to taunt me from the kitchen table. there it was all chocolatey and caramely and salty and just waiting for someone to take a bite. but friends, i didn't touch it! i am so proud and partly horrified to tell you that cupcake sat on our counter for 2 days before my husband even bothered to crack open the case and give it a sniff. TWO STINKING DAYS!

finally, last night, i couldn't take it anymore. "eat your freaking cupcake!!!" i demanded! and so we put the baby to bed and settled in and he made his way to the kitchen, unwrapped the little beauty and brought her out to the living room on a white plate. "it's happening!!" i yelled, "wait! i am taking a picture!" and that was the part where he threatened to turn back and crush all my hopes and dreams if i made a big deal out of this (blogging doesn't count as making a big deal, just fyi).

g took the first bite and had virtually no reaction. i took the second and wanted to die. it was moist and creamy and rich, with a bed of caramel frosting on top and just the right amount of salt. it made my heart go pitter-patter. it made my mouth water. it made my life make sense.

i snuck one more bite before i returned it to him and then he polished it off, wiped his hands on his napkin and pushed play on the remote.

"well?!" i begged.
"it was good" he declared, "it was fine."

and now this is the moment where i really fell in love with that norwegian of mine. also, the moment where i realized i don't have a clue what goes on in that head of his. i mean, good and fine?! after two days of waiting? GOOD AND FINE.

i will never understand that boy i married. he who says no to dessert and cares deeply about the quality of the socks on his feet and LOVES TO MOW THE LAWN. he is such a mystery to me sometimes! i will love him 'til i die!


  1. The man is insane....just the thought of anything chocolately or anything from the STF, for that matter, puts me in an absolute tizzy. Yes, a tizzy. Maybe that's why I'm a bit squishy around the edges....;). My best day ever would be to somehow be able to eat 6 red velvet cake bites all in one sitting and not feel guilty and not gain a pound. I don't think it's possible. But a girl can dream, right?

  2. TWO days!!!! That's, like, a crime or something. You are a much better wife than me though, I would have scarfed that thing down so fast!!

  3. My friend at work was just telling my about those cupcakes.. Sounds delicious!

  4. I don't even have the words to comment... 2 days?!?! I don't think my cupcake would have survived the ride home ;)

  5. Maybe you just need to turn tony robbins on to sweet tooth fairy & g will be a believer!! ;)

  6. HOW DID YOU NOT EAT HIS CUPCAKE?!?! It would be gonzo at my house. And I might lie and say I gave it to the kids.



    There must be something about being a girl and truly appreciating and celebrating and loving and delighting and fantasizing about all things sweet, gooey, sticky & delicious. Your post is like an advertisement for STF and it is working!!! You should demand a paycheck.

  7. stop it! i had a salted caramel cupcake from there today and almost died. i thought to myself, "this is the best cupcake i've ever tasted! my life makes sense now! the world is complete." those thoughts went through my head a million times while i ate the entire thing in one sitting. can't believe he didn't just die over it too - but my husband is the same way. boys!

  8. Haha your post made me laugh. I can't believe Greg didn't even care about the cupcake. Josh and I used to buy cupcakes at this little cupcake store in Houston and we seriously devoured them the second we got our hands on them. I guess you won't have any problem fighting over desserts in your house. More yumminess for you. :)

  9. I had the salted caramel cupcake when I was up there last, and I think the word he was looking for was devine. Heaven sent. Life changing.

  10. Just here looking for an update on one of my fav girls ever.... I'll stalk you later. Um, p.s., the sun is out and I know you love it just as much as me. When do we play?


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