Monday, April 15, 2013

will & nora: month five.

(I wrote these quick, somewhat pathetic, updates back on April 15th, when Nora & Will were 5 months old. I planned to elaborate, but time got away from me, as usual. I'm posting it anyways, just for my own records. Feel free to skip this one, folks.)


  • Loves his binky, cries for it in the night & needs Mama to come put it back in for him
  • Sweetest little kitten cry that is adorable to hear
  • Doesn't care to roll around as much, content where he is.
  • My non-napper most days, he never sleeps as well as his sister (that's okay, buddy!)
  • So easy-going when he's awake
  • Loves to play with toys, can spin the spinners on his mobile and grab any toy and get it into his mouth
  • Really focused
  • Will stare at me and wait for me to make eye contact and then give me a great smile
  • Timid
  • Gets easy frightened by noises, easily startled, easily heartbroken (take a toy away that he wanted and he will immediately sob)
  • Mamas boy
  • Loves to stand up, strong little legs
  • Wants to stand up while being burped
  • Always falls asleep on walks, insta stroller sleeper.
  • Screams when he is excited or when he is overly tired
  • Kicks his legs and gets bright eyed when he sees someone he loves
  • A tender little soul, with a huge heart and a calm, peaceful little spirit. Makes my heart burst with empathy. Seems to be full of goodness and patience and so much love.

We love you so much, Mr. William!

  • Good sleeper, good eater, my best eater so far.
  • Great napper, loves her sleep! Would happily sleep in every morning if she weren't a twin
  • Loves her blankie and binkie
  • Sweetest smile that literally overtakes her face, does the best full-body smile
  • Squinty eyes, just like her mom
  • Looks so much like Evie at that age
  • Chubby chubby cheeks, chubby little thighs, might be my chubbiest baby
  • Loves to roll over, wants to explore her surroundings
  • Likes tummy time, has completely corrected her torticollis
  • Loves her mobile
  • Gets so happy to see mama in the morning, giggles and squeals
  • Sweet as pie but can go from happy to mad in 2 seconds flat
  • Loves to watch William, thinks he is really interesting and great.
  • Has a really stressful, mad cry that stresses her dad out
  • Never falls asleep on a walk, loves to look around, very alert and involved
  • So so ticklish, even just raising her arms above her head is a ticklish thing to Nora.
  • Laughs when mom laughs or when mom holds her tight- does a little squeal of excitement
  • Loves to cuddle, will fall asleep in my arms with her blankie and binky
  • Wakes up happy, loves to stretch her little arms up and give a big smile
  • Full of joy and enthusiasm and excitement. Thinks life is funny and wonderful and wants to find laughter in every little thing. Such a joy to be around.

We love you, Hattie Boo!

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