Wednesday, June 5, 2013

you, at six months: nora


Miss Nora Hattie,

You are almost 7 months old! Here's a glimpse into your little personality at this age.

You are the perfect combination of fiesty and sweet. You are both things, simultaneously, all the time. When you are happy you are really happy and when you are mad you are furious. You switch between the two emotions effortlessly, but you can always be coaxed to smile even in the middle of a shrill scream (you have a really, really, really, loud cry that pierces the air and drives your Dad nuts). You are the happiest when you are watching Evie play or getting tickled or kissed and you are the maddest when you have to wait even 2 minutes for your bottle to be made. 

For the record, I love your fiestiness. I love that you know what you want. I love that you have opinions. I love that you are strong willed and passionate. These are all great qualities that you may or may not get from your equally feisty mother (bless you) and that served you well when you were fighting for you health in the hospital for so long. You are brave, Nora.

For as fiesty as you can be, you are equally sweet. You have the most darling smile on planet earth centered between two of the chubbiest cheeks. You giggle, all the time. You smile easily and automatically and you are social and friendly and happy. You love to be tickled, you laugh when Evie passes you, even if she hasn't done anything particularly funny. When you smile it's from ear to ear and your whole body tenses along with your face.

You aren't so sure about rice cereal. You're warming up to the idea.

You are soft and squishy and a total cuddler. We LOVE your hugs and your open-mouthed kisses and your silky soft skin.

You have a chubby little face and fluffly duck hair that sticks straight up. Your eyes and hair are the darkest of all 3 kids. You are completely edible.

You love Will and you want to be near him always. You like to roll to where he is and reach for him, touch him, and scratch him. You smile when you see him. You are a doting sister.

You are the happy and joyful in our family. When I wake you up in the morning (you always want to sleep longer than Will) you give me the biggest smile and you curl into my body as I lift you to me. I get so excited to play with you and cuddle you and make you smile. You bring me joy every single day and I can't imagine my life without you.

I think you are so special, Hattie girl. I think you have been special, right from the start.

I love you.


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