Wednesday, October 30, 2013

seven years.


Greg and I celebrated our 7th Anniversary on the 28th of September.

Usually we plan our Anniversary together, just choosing somewhere great to go to dinner, but Greg surprised me this year with a weekend in Park City. He arranged the hotel and babysitter in advance and had the hardest time keeping it a secret. He ended up telling me a few days before and I loved that he couldn't wait.

Saturday morning we drove our kids up to the cabin and dropped them off with Geir & Margaret and then headed down to Park City. We went to the outlets to shop and have lunch and then headed to our hotel. We stayed at the Park City Hotel, which was so nice and had the most beautiful views of the mountains from our hotel room. That night Greg took me to dinner at Ruth's Chris (my first time), where I about died over the deliciousness of my roasted chicken and mashed potatoes (OH MY GOSH) and then we saw a late night movie together. The next morning we slept and slept and slept (heavenly), had a long brunch, and then went to get our kids, which I had just begun to miss.

It was the perfect way to celebrate our 7th anniversary and we had a wonderful time away from reality for a little while. I'm so glad to be married to my Gregory John. I love that he is excited to spend time alone with me and is thoughtful enough to plan a little getaway to make it happen. It truly meant so much to me.

This past year, our 7th year of marriage, has been our hardest year, by far. No one could argue that having newborn twins and a toddler diagnosed with Autism in a year would be difficult. At times, this year has been desperately stressful. But, it has also been such a beautiful year, for so many reasons. I cannot talk about the way that Greg has loved and supported me this year without tears coming to my eyes. Truly, every time I think of it, I cry. When I think back on this year, I know I will remember his strength first. All the nights (countless, endless nights) he spent holding me and comforting me, talking me through my fear and pulling me out of the darkness and back into the light. I survived Evie's diagnosis because of him. I got through it because I had him by my side. Greg has such a strength and a quiet confidence about him that fills me with peace and comfort, when nothing else can. He has always been the calm to my crazy. We have weathered some serious storms in our 7 years, and we've come out on top. How I love this man, our perfect little children, and the beautifully flawed and happy life we have made together.

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  1. What a fun surprise! I love marriage for those reasons. I love life for those reasons too. Always changing up things on us. Throwing things a different direction. Shaping us. Giving us opportunities to be closer to each other. It's a big deal to be able to "ugly cry" to someone and have them make you giggle. Congrats on your 7 years!! SO excited to have you closer!!


thank you for your shout outs!