Wednesday, October 13, 2010

happy birthday, cute boy.

today is my g's birthday!
and even though he is no longer a boy & most definitely a man, i still can't stop myself from posting this picture of that cute little toe head in flannel. pictures like these make me so excited about the fact that i get to have his babies & they might look just like him...i can't wait!
this morning i woke up at the crack of dawn to make him norwegian pancakes 
& then i dropped him off at work with lunch & carmelitas for all his work buddies.
i'm sure he was very embarrassed, but i just can't help myself...i love this man! 

and for those of you who may not know, g is a twin, so it is tyler's birthday today as well. happy birthday ty! jennie & i most definitely know the answer to this question, but can the rest of you guess which twin is which?


  1. Umm, T on the left, G on the right?
    Happy birthday're wife makes the best birthday blog posts for you!

  2. Dan is a twin too!

    Happy birthday, G! is he on the left?

  3. Happy b-day g. I think that picture was too easy, kiersti and britany already got it right. Good job girls!

  4. happy happy birthday gergerson!!! my guess is he's on the left.... i dunno.

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I love the pictures! SO cute, oh my gosh! I'm guessing Greg is on the left? That's tough.

  6. FYI-I didn't read the other comments until now so I could do a fair guess. :) I have the hardest time seeing people in babies. Did that even make sense?

  7. looking at the pic, ty is on the left & g is on the right. ;)


thank you for your shout outs!