Thursday, August 23, 2012

month nineteen.

Dear Evie Girl, You are 19 months old!

Here's a glimpse into your little life and personality at 19 months.

At this age, you are such a little ham. You love attention, you love to be funny, you love looking at yourself in the mirror and making eyebrows at people. You love taking pictures and watching videos of yourself. You are happy, happy, happy and so much fun to be around. I hope you never lose that aspect of  your personality, because you bring sunshine to everyone around you.

You love to talk and you NEVER stop doing it. You are getting really good at mimicking phrases we say and you love to carry on pretend phone conversations, conversations with your babies or read books to yourself out loud. Yesterday was a hard day for me and I was upset when your Dad came home and you heard him kindly say to me "are you okay?" and ever since then you've been tilting your little head, looking up at me with those big blue eyes and saying "yew otay?". You are constantly copying us like that, it's hysterical. Besides the usual words you've been saying for months, some of your other new favorites are ball, happy, please, nose, toes, and every variation of Mama you can think of (you now say Mama! when you are demanding something of me, Mom!? when you don't know where I am and Mommy when you are just being sweet. Mommy is my favorite).

You still love animals. Reading about them, talking about them, seeing them and going over their sounds are your favorites. You've got the greatest little "meow!" for a kitty and the funniest "quack quack!" for a duck. You know all sorts of animal sounds, but those two are your favorites.

You are starting to get really interested in body parts and are learning where your nose, eyes, mouth, ears, belly button and toes are. You love to point these parts out on other people, too and will point and say "nose" when someone picks you up and you can see them face to face. You love to look at your belly button and then Mom's belly button and then laugh (for obvious reasons, Mom's belly button is an outie these days).

You still love babies and are so sweet with yours. You will find your little doll, say "baby!" and then make this little "ohhh ohhh ohhhhhh" sound (that I guess is supposed to be your interpretation of the way a mom talks to a baby?) and rock and pat baby on the back. You love to pretend to feed them, brush their hair, give them baba's and wrap them in dish towels before you tuck them away in my kitchen drawers (that one's my favorite).

You still aren't walking, but you've made a lot of progress this past month. Before we went on our trip to California, you were still so stubborn about even walking with me holding both your hands, and by the time we got home your attitude had changed a lot and you seemed to want to try again. This week you've been walking next to me just holding one of my hands or even one finger and you are doing so well with it. It's crazy to me that you can do that, but you still aren't brave enough to even try to stand up by yourself? You are much more capable than you realize and still need to get over your fears. We love you just the way you are, but don't crawl forever, okay?

You are a social little thing and that is what makes me most excited about these twins on the way. You love to have friends, play with others and wave and smile at every little person you see. You are going to be such a good big sister and I know you will be so happy to have two little playmates all the time (you get really bored with just me). I know there will be a lot of drama with 3 little ones so close in age, but I can't even imagine how much fun the 3 of you will have either. I'm so happy for you to have your little brother and sister coming soon.

You went to Nursery at church for the first time a month ago and you loved it. I thought you would do fine going and you did. You are so confident and friendly you thrive in situations like those and hardly notice when we walk out the door. It made my heart ache a little to peek in on you and see you sitting in the corner playing with the dolls by yourself or at the snack table eating goldfish crackers and nilla wafers. I am not ready for you to grow up just yet.

You are a busy body and you are constantly into everything all the time. You follow me all around the house and make messes in whatever room I'm in. You are obsessed with the kitchen drawers and spent months opening the lowest one, taking out all the dish towels and spreading them all over the house. Since I'm kind of a neat-freak this wasn't my favorite. Finally I realized that I could probably teach you to put them back when you were done with them and you would stuff them all back in and shut the drawer before crawling away. Now it is basically "Evie's drawer" because you are constantly storing your little treasures in it. When you opened the drawer tonight as I cooked, I saw a few books, a doll, a leaf, a tube of my lipstick, a sharpie, a piece of Tupperware and a rubix cube in there.

You are such a sweet, funny, loving, beautiful, smart and special little girl. You make my life better and happier in every way and I couldn't ask for anything more than you. We love you so much, Evie Janey.

Love, Mommy


  1. Oh, she is heavenly!! That smile! What a doll.

  2. Sorry you have the cutest tiny-est little girl ever. I am probably obsessed with her cuteness. I love that she put a leaf in her drawer. She is the best.


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