Tuesday, January 13, 2009

lady hookers.

ps. what's up with all the average looking, trashy, dramatic & man-face bachelorettes this year?
g & i watched last night & we only swooned over a couple of them.
(yes, it is common for my husband & i to discuss the hotness of other women together).

we both agreed that if we were jason, we would have knocked out a solid 12 women last night.
can you imagine??
"ugghhh chris, instead of eliminating 2 tonight,
i've decided to go ahead and get rid of 12 of them"

it would have been the best moment ever.

but really, is that seriously the best they could do???


  1. Really though....they all look like transvesties!!

  2. I agree - the bachelor just gets more and more trashy every year. p.s. I had to watch it all alone this afternoon because T won't even let it be on when he's home. :) You're lucky you have someone to share your opinion with.

  3. Not only are they trashy but they all seem to be dysfunctional and broken women. Between the divorcees, the widows, and the skanks with low self esteem I'm not sure what jason is supposed to do.

  4. Sadly, I do think it's the best they could do, because who else would go on TV to find their "one true love" - reality TV my butt! Have you watched Momma's Boys? You should - classic case of "don't look in our files, we've all posed nude for various magazines/websites and don't want anyone to know about it". Please.

  5. LOL That's great- Ryan and I watch it together too and he said "I don't think any of them are drop dead gorgeous"

  6. We don't watch the Bachelor because it's totally gotten trashy! What is it with reality TV? Even American Idol had that trashy girl show up in her bikini! What is it with TV and trashy women? I don't understand why that brings ratings up, nor can I fathom why women treat themselves (or allow others to treat them) like whores! As the mom of 2 tween girls it's frightening!

  7. Oh my heck- I KNOW!!!! There are only about 2 that are decent. He's keeping around some weirdies, like the dental hygenist! What is that about? Don't worry Wyatt and I talk about the hottness of other women too. We both think he should have kept the little blonde from the first night. "she was REALLY cute" Wyatt said. I'll be honest... I'm actually dying for Deanna to come back and win his heart. I know everyone else thinks she had her chance, and that's true. BUT, if he really loved her than he'd still chose her over all the other sluts.


thank you for your shout outs!