Tuesday, March 20, 2012

life outside my windows.

i've always been a lover of the night time, but evenings here at our little home in the sky just slay me. there's just something about those city lights through my window. today was such a long day. evie is sick, again, with a fever that's lasted two days now and she is as miserable as can be. after a day of non-stop whining and crying it's so nice to put her to bed, turn off all of the lights in this house and just watch the city through my windows. the lights pulse and move and sway and it all seems to be one big reminder that life goes on. i love to wonder what all those people out there are up to, racing through the darkness in a furry, moving through time and space to destinations all their own. it's crazy to me that every light i see represents an entire life, unique and meaningful, like mine.

i don't know what it is i love so much about those city lights. i guess they just speak to my romantic heart.


  1. uhhh - this is the most magical view to have from a house everrr! we could see the city lights through the windows at our basement apt and i loved it so much. thanks for sharing, almost-real-life-gf!

  2. re: the braid.
    yes, you keep pulling hair from your part - getting farther and farther back. each strand gets incorporated to the braid when you pull the strand down and around the braid that you've got going. so you're french braiding, but it's backwards because you're pulling it under & through instead of on top & through.

    does that help at all?


thank you for your shout outs!