Tuesday, December 1, 2009

winter wonderland.

here are a few snapshots from our lovely little thanksgiving weekend at the cabin. because g takes a practice lsat every saturday morning, this is the first time we have been able to spend a whole weekend up there. g decided to ditch the test this week & his slacking off was well worth it, because we had the best time. so, in case you are wondering what one might do at the cabin, please refer to the following pictures...

first, we rode up past our cabin and cut down a real live christmas tree. so magical! i've never done that before & now i see why people do it. because of this experience, i sort of feel like me & g need a real christmas tree this year...thoughts? please know that toby's sweatshirt was specifically chosen in support of the utes. toby is a ute.
our enormous tree had to basically be cut in half in order to fit through the door of our cabin. well worth it.

may i please tell you a story about this picture? one night g wore a flannel shirt to a party we had with our friends & the flannel + the scruff made our friends tease him that he looked like a lumberjack. and now he is g, the lumberjack in certain circles. so when i saw this sight i had to take a picture for obvious reasons. please let it be known that i think the lumberjack is hot.

on saturday night, we rode the polar express to the north pole to meet santa clause. and can i just tell you that i was just as excited as makayla for this event. the polar express is one of my all-time favorite christmas books & i couldn't wait to see the train. i think the story is so magical & have so many fond memories of listening to the recording of that book on christmas eve with my family (have you ever heard the recording of the polar express. no? please go buy it immediately. it makes me cry). and, just for the record, "michaela" is not the correct spelling of this little nugget's name. good thing she can't read yet or the elf who wrote it might have gotten a firm, "oh no you didn't!".

i promise the train was much cuter than this picture suggests. we were in the very back.

during the day, we went four wheeling to the TOP OF A MOUNTAIN! and when we got to the top, g was so excited he yelled that exact phrase exactly like ron burgendy does in anchorman.

i asked g to take this picture of me because i wanted to document the coldest i have ever been in my entire life. i am not even kidding you. in. my. life. i had to work really really hard to not be a drama queen and demand that we turn back and go home immediately, because i was an idiot and i didn't bring snow pants to the cabin, so i was wearing my $20 skinny jeans from urban outfitters that are really more like leggings because i have worn them so thin. and i possibly wanted to DIE because i couldn't feel my lower half at all, but it was FUN!

we had a wonderful time at the new cabin and we can't wait to go back soon! and when i say soon, i mean like, tomorrow if possible. seriously, folks, how can we make that happen?
merry early december!!


  1. how cute! I love all of your pictures! I especially love the one of you 1/2 jess 1/2 icicle! What a fun weekend - I agree, let's go back asap!

  2. I am so glad you had such a wonderful time! Cabin's are the best. You can create such great memories. I love your cute hat! You look good in hats.

  3. I can't wait until we can join you for a day or two up there! Please?
    And as far as a real tree goes, I highly recommend it. This is only our third year with a fake one - and we only bought a fakie because the Christmas tree farm in Alpine that we cut our tree down from every year since the dawn time has now turned into a lovely neighborhood. *tear drop. One of my absolute favorite family traditions that I sorely miss.

  4. Looks like so much fun! I love going up to our cabin in the winter. I want to do that Polar Express train ride sooo bad! Hopefully we can squeeze it in before Christmas!

  5. looks like fun! i want to come! i heart you!

  6. if i didn't have a fake one and wasnt so worried about edi ingesting a pine needle and dying i would have a real one myself. they are selling them on beck street at the rock pile place.

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  8. LOVE IT!! Looks like a blast. Hopefully we will be able to come sometime soon??! Also you should MOST DEFINATELY get a real tree. My family does every year and I will NEVER have a fake one. They smell wonderful, and it’s so much fun going to the lot and picking one out!! That’s all. Love you- lets chat on the phone more often!


thank you for your shout outs!