Tuesday, December 1, 2009

{rip} little red samsung.

you know what i think is really fun?

put your cell phone in your back pocket and forget about it & then go to the bathroom a few hours later. just wait, because here comes the fun part! as you sit down your phone will most definitely FALL INTO THE TOILET and be broken forever, even if you take it out immediately & google every life-saving trick imaginable.

try it!

i think it's really fun!


  1. uh oh! I'm sorry about your phone. What a sad death :(

  2. Oh my gosh! Annie did that with her little red samsung phone too! Funny thing, it stopped working for weeks (maybe even months) and she had to use her old phone (mean mom and dad teaching her a lesson thing) and then 1 day she put her sim in the broken one and it worked! For all of several more days/weeks then it stopped again! I took pity on the poor thing and gave her my old black samsung. Sorry to hear about your loss, good luck getting a new phone, maybe you'll love it so much this won't matter, or maybe you should come get Annies old phone and do the teach yourself a lesson thing ;)

  3. so sad, be careful of the front pocket of sweatshirts as well somehow it can shoot right out the side.

  4. Oh suck!! I did that a couple months ago with my samsung, and it still works! I had to let it air out a while, and left it off for a few days. Sure does make it interesting holding it up to my face when making calls and knowing where its been. Sorry about your phone! :(

  5. now you can get the phone you've always wanted. it's a good reason. are you sure you didn't do it on purpose?


thank you for your shout outs!