Tuesday, July 6, 2010

only YOU can prevent forest fires!

date: july 3rd 2010
time: 9:00 pm
place: olsen family cabin
event: g almost burns down forest (not really, but these pictures are funny)

i documented the event as follows:

g grabs a lighter, walks outside and lights an enormous pile of junk of fire.

fire quickly reaches 7 feet tall and g does a little fire dance to celebrate his triumph (not kidding, wish i had my camera out fast enough to prove it)

me & heidi watch from the window and laugh uncontrollably

big brother erik sees what is happening and runs outside...
erik: what are you doing? 
g: i just lit all this stuff on fire...
erik: well, that was a really bad idea...
erik: don't you know this is how forest fires start?!
g: the ground is wet, it's not going to start a forest fire
erik: alright, well i guess now we get to put it out.
g fans the flames while erik brings the hose over to put out giant fire. 
fire is distinguished and animals and trees are safe. 
for now.
pretty eventful evening!


  1. i like the "for now" phrase. It seems to say that there's always a possibility in the future for g to light the forest on fire.

  2. I'm so sad we missed that, so thanks for the pictures. You forgot the part about Margaret suggesting that g start the fire :) I also love the picture of erik in the "what the heck are you doing" pose. Classic Olsen boys. Thanks for sharing, I'm smiling just thinking about it :)

  3. Hahahaha, that is hilarious! I can completely hear this conversation because of your excellent pics and commentary. Ah, Olsens.....
    Oh, and did I mention I found my camera? In my purse? Yeah, that's right. I'm awesome.

  4. haha, yes jennie, i left that part out on purpose! sweet margaret can't be implicated even though it was her little suggestion. she can do no wrong!!


thank you for your shout outs!