Thursday, February 26, 2009

6 + 6. sorta.

i checked the 6th picture in my 6th folder, but it was completely inappropriate & in no way suitable for this blog. or any blog, for that matter. so i hope you won't mind that i'm not really following the rules here.

in the spirit of sharing random photos, i've decided to share with you a little something i like to call, "stuff around aunt jess' house" by morgan ana. all photos were shot by mo while we waited for uncle g to take us on our date. please keep in mind that these pictures are straight out of the camera & have not been touched-up or corrected in any way (shocking, i know).

ladies & gentlemen,
i give you...

"stuff around aunt jess' house"
by morgan a.

"a young pup"

"polka dots"

"play time"

"the ceiling"

"aunt jess"

"possessed squeaky toy"

"norwegian troll"


please contact the photographer directly to inquire about prints & photo sessions.
but be warned, she isn't cheap.


  1. Ok, so you were right, while the inappropriate photo is completely HILARIOUS it is in no way ok for anyone's blog! Unless of course you want an x-rated blog! But it is one of the best pics of Jason I've seen in a long long time! LOL!!

  2. Ha ha ha, so cute!! I should post some of the pics Lo has taken - they're usually of herself and she looks like she has 4 chins - they usually get deleted.

  3. go mo! She's a pretty good little photographer - I may have to hire her one of these days! :)


thank you for your shout outs!