Monday, March 2, 2009


attention all: our lovely little home has officially been INVADED!

i came home from work tonight & started pulling food out of my fridge for dinner. as set the milk, eggs & butter down, i noticed an ant crawling on my clean countertop. i was understandably horrified & quickly killed it. immediately, i noticed a few more. so, i killed those. and then i started really looking & noticed that there were ants EVERWHERE. and i mean everywhere...on the counter, crawling up the walls, in my sink, on the floor, on my stove...

i want to die.

i do not do well with bugs. i do not do well with bugs in my sink, in my kitchen, on my always-clean-if-i-can-help-it-COUNTERTOP.
(my apologies to ryan & mckenzie for all the screaming/vacuuming/freaking out i am sure they heard)

husband & i cleaned the entire kitchen from top to bottom. we disinfected & sanitized everything. i mopped the floor twice. and then, we took a break and watched jason be the biggest jerk of all time (seriously, LAME). after we finished, we noticed that all our hard work was for nothing, because there were a new set of satans crawling around everywhere.


no, seriously.



  1. oh my gosh that is freakin horrible. I HATE those devil insects. In our home in the ghetto we had the exact same thing happen right around this time of year... in our kitchen just like you. We bought and used a bunch of and killer and ant traps. it sucks but you just kinda have to wait it out and sooner or later they all die...

  2. We had the same thing happen at our old house for the first 2 springs we lived there - you need to find where they are invading from!!! We covered the foundation all around our house with ant pellets, and eventually found their secret sneaky little source of entry. Then Bryan poured lighter fluid in the crack and lit them on fire. Anyway, I don't recommend that, but the ant pellets really did work - do it!!!

  3. Oh, and ps, Jason was a total jerk, I officially love Melissa for sticking it to him, and I hope Molly and Jason have a nice next 6 weeks before he decides he doesn't like her either. He's the worst kind of hole - the kind that cries so that women think he is sincere. He's a butt.

  4. You can get ant pellets to put outside your house - I would surround your entire exterior.. But there are already some inside, so I would also go get a bug bomb and put it off while you guys are at work (cuz you can't be there for like 8 hours).

  5. We had this problem at our little apartment in cali. When we moved in they were everywhere! All I can say is pinesol pinesol pinesol! It was the only think that workied. I used it everywhere and kept a spray bottle of it to spray the stupid things. Good luck it should only take a few days to get rid of. I hope what worked for me works for you!

  6. I had an ant incident also at Bryan and Kierstis old house. I woke up at about 5am to take clothes from the washer and put them in the dryer so I had something to wear that day, when I flipped on the light it was like the entire floor started moving! That's right, millions of those buggers were crawling all over the place, but these suckers were the ones with big wings!! ARGH!! Even thinking about it now has my skin crawling! We sprayed the entire foundation and for about 4-6 weeks after I'd have to sweep my front porch because it would be covered with dead bugs! I suggest biting the bullet and hiring a professional to come out and take care of it, usually they guarantee their work so IF the devils come back you can call the exterminator to fix it! Plus they'll cover more bugs then just ant spray or pellets!

  7. i have some stuff down here that you put at where they come and go and it will eventually kill the whole colony. we've had similar problems.

  8. Ew, that gives me the willies. Ugh- I hate insects as well and don't know what I'd do if that happened to me. Your title was perfect for this post, 'cause I would seriously die if that happened to me. I'm so sorry!

  9. Arg! We're having the same problem! It makes me want to throw up! I'm afraid of what to use cause I'm pregnant and cause of Tyler . . So I've just been cleaning like crazy, but it doesn't seem to be helping a whole lot. I can't figure out where they are coming in from! Let me know if you find something that works.


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