Sunday, January 31, 2010

the end of the begining.

confession: i kind of enjoy the cozy nights when i'm stuck at the computer and he has 10 million textbooks spread out all over the floor. usually, we'll take a break with a tall glass of fizzy diet coke or a bowl of ice cream, already in our pajamas, of course. and even though he has turned my office into a disaster area, i love having him here.

ps. i removed my blog header & now i don't feel like making a new one. i don't have the right program to really make one i like. anyone want to do it for me?!


  1. Jess, I did not get your text so you might be semding it to my old phone which Spencer now has. My new number is 801 913 5512. Call me any time!

  2. I will of course! and maybe it will get me to do my own.


thank you for your shout outs!