Tuesday, December 27, 2011

christmas eve twenty eleven.

 Christmas this year was magical! I spent last Christmas in the hospital, if you can remember, so to be home again this year with my very own baby girl and husband to spoil, I just felt so lucky and in love.

We started off Christmas Eve with some last minute shopping and baking and then I helped Evie open one of her gifts before we got ready to leave for the evening. She happened to choose the perfect present to open first and got her new Christmas dress and sweater. How convienient!

she has been pulling and tugging on and eating that christmas tree non-stop all month and i can't lie, i don't think it will make it to new years day.

Christmas Eve this year was spent with my family dining on prime rib and mashed potatoes, exchanging gifts and acting out the nativity with a few hilarious performances by my brothers.
joseph and mary

i made those peppermint brownie cookies that seemed to be floating around pinterest non-stop. they were delicious, in case you were wondering.
the wise men enter and andy puts on a show-stopping performance complete with singing and m&m's for baby jesus. he kills us.
We opened Christmas jams, took some family pics and then headed downstairs to wrap up the night with a little family rock band before we headed home to put our little one to bed.

I dare say I love Christmas Eve even more than I love Christmas day.
Hope yours was equally merry and bright!


  1. Her Christmas jams are so cute!!!!

  2. I always just LOVE your pictures! They are alwasy so BRIGHT!! What kinda camera do you have again girly??? xoxo

  3. Monica, couldn't get to your blog to reply?? Hope you see this. I have a canon rebel t2i and besides the 50mm lens, that I love, I usually just use the kit lens. Thanks!

  4. Wow I can't believe its all over for another year. I don't want to take my stuff down yet. Maybe I will leave it up for Evie's birthday. Ha

  5. Here I go with my stupid questions again but I need some ideas and I figure you prob have a lot of pics too....my daughter is almost 6 months and I have an insane amount of pics and I'm trying to figure out how to store/scrapbook them. Do you just file yours in an album, do project life, or make a photobook? I just can't decide what to do. I'd love to see what you do.


thank you for your shout outs!