Wednesday, December 7, 2011

oh, december.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!!
Also, the busiest.

Instead of blogging I've been:
  • Planning Evie's first birthday party which is next freaking month! What. The. Devastating.
  • Designing the invitations.
  • Working on her baby book, because I guess when she turns one then she technically isn't a baby anymore, and I need to have that book finished, and seriously, can somebody just hold me while I sob?
  • Painting and sketching and painting some more.
  • Decorating my house and sitting under all of the twinkle lights! I currently have two strands of lights in the house, plus 3 on the Christmas tree. It's magic up in here.
  • Christmas shopping for myself, G and other special individuals. Evie's presents are purchased and wrapped and sitting under the Christmas tree. One of them even already got opened. Santa was on top of that shiz.
  • Watching Home Alone with my baby in the afternoon. It never gets old.
  • Baking Cake bites and candied almonds and pecan bars and chocolate and caramel covered pretzel sticks with my Mom and Christy.
  • Cooking some delicious pastas and soups and staying on top of G's leftover requirements like a professional.
  • Wiping noses and catching sneezes and nursing my baby back to health only to watch her catch a new cold two days later. And again. And again. And so forth.
  • Loving opening the first few Christmas cards as they roll in. Yes, please!
  • Planning Christmas parties and planning to attend Christmas parties.
  • Helping Evie cut 2 new teeth! Double the fun! Or double the misery! Either way. (They can totally be seen on either side of her two bottom teeth in the picture below.) 
  • Attempting to do something with her crazy hair, without the use of clips or bows or headbands which she refuses like a champion.
  • Cutting snowflakes to tape to the windows. Kind of like your 3rd grade classroom? Yes. Kind of amazing? Definitely. When you live in a glass house, its just necessary.
  • Supporting G-studious while he takes the hardest finals of his whole life and works on the first problem for THREE STRAIGHT DAYS. The first problem. Three days. Pray for us. Really.
  • Trying to type with Capital Letters. Under case letters look so much better and it just hurts my soul.
  • Addressing Christmas cards. Want one?
  • Cleaning, laundering, Peek-a-booing
  • And occasionally, sleeping. (It's 12:28 am now)

How about you? Busy?

Ps. I managed to spell "Christmas" wrong two times while typing this. Goodnight.


  1. Oh-she looks BEAUTIFUL! Nice work on the hair! I'm in shock that she will be one soon. We are still in denial over Brayden and it's been 3 months since he "turned one". WHATEVER!! I refuse to take him off a bottle and he's still not even fully walking yet, and looks like an 8 month old. Fine by me.

    I love Christmas lights! And parties! And food! I love the picture of Ev trying to get her hands on the tree! :) I love exclamation points!! I LOVE Christmas-you're right, so magical. Mmmmmmmm.

  2. why aren't we same city friends? we could do so many nice things together. december looks good on you, your house, sweetest baby and not so much husband. but it will after finals! and you can make it through! i know it.

  3. I can't believe she's almost one. Where did the time go? And she's still so tiny. I would like a Christmas card, if you're offering. ;) my goal is to get mine sent out this weekend. We will see. Love your tree. Very pretty.


thank you for your shout outs!