Tuesday, December 13, 2011

a list.

Who knew this could happen to me, but I seem to have fallen out of love with blogging?!

Here's a small list of a few things that are making me happy lately, to hopefully inspire me to get back in the groove. (Or take a little break, maybe? Go private? We will see.)

01. My sweet little baby being such a devoted Mama to her new sweet little baby. She won't set that baby doll down. I love it.
02. Our Christmas tree, white lights, snowflaked windows, and all of the wrapped gifts under the tree. So much better than last year's Christmas surroundings which included the brick wall out my hospital window and the hospital tray at the foot of my bed.
03. G-money wrapping up these dang finals and finally being able to hang out a bit! After a full weekend of nothing but tests from 7am - 2am each day, last night we went out for burgers and fries and then came home and watched the Republican debates while I wrapped some Christmas gifts. Hallelujah!
04. The Christmas cards we get in the mail most days. Wish greeting cards were sent out all year, right people? They make me so happy.
05. Finding a good substitute for my love of Diet Coke and slowly developing a love of Fresca.
06. Matching flannel shirts with my little brotha.
07. Watching Christmas movies with Evs in the afternoon.
08. Lots of holiday shopping and outings and running into friends who are doing the same. Makes me hate the mall so much less.
09. Eating my favorite ever crunchy roll for lunch today. Sushi in December?! YES.
10. And finally, snow outside my windows right this very minute!

 and these pictures, because i looovvveee her.

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