Tuesday, December 30, 2008

best year ever.

Dear 2008,
You have been a great year.
One of my favorites so far. I will always remember the wonderful times you gave me.
I will always remember...

-My first helicopter ride
-The funny, exhausting, frustrating & great times we have had while fixing up the Avenues house.
-My Grandpa's funeral. Especially when we closed the casket & the veterans service at his grave site. When they handed my Grandma the flag.
-Saying goodbye to him. The dinner we had a few months earlier, when we shared our favorite memories & the night at the hospital.
-The best New Years Eve of my life & watching G do the Men in Black dance for the first time.
A priceless moment!
-Afternoon naps with my love in Hawaii.
-Turning 21 in San Francisco.
-And specifically, getting pizza w/my brothers at midnight on my birthday. Not sure why, but I'll never forget that night.
-Many many days at the park with my little family of 4.
-Getting ready for Heidi & Erik's wedding with the girls. Riding to the wedding in the limo & getting to walk down the isle with G.
-Saying goodbye to our boat (and a lifetime of Lake Powell memories) on our
last trip to the lake with "Big Margy".
- When G made the decision to switch career paths. Watching him go through all the interviews to get his job with Goldman.
-Seeing wicked for the first time.
-The night in Newport when Meg, Jon, Scott, Greg & I sat on the beach & watched the sun set. Dancing on the beach & lifeguard tower with Megan.
-The day my new niece was born & when I held her for the first time.
-Hanging out at the restaurant in Newport & singing & listening to music late into the night.
-Our 2 year anniversary & walking the Temple grounds late at night with G.
-Walking through our first house for the last time before we moved out. (I miss it so much)
-Working on my 3 tiered chocolate fudge cake & surprising G with it on his Birthday.
-The night of the presidential debates, spent at home with just the 2 of us.
-My first sharing time lesson & everything I learned from that great calling.

Goodbye 2008,
thanks for the memories!


  1. WOW! It was a great year! A lot of good times, a lot of stressful times, and a lot of times to make us stronger & closer! Here's to another year of memories!

  2. What a great year! I love how you did a re-cap.
    It looks like you have a great view from your home in the Avenues too! And yep...we did move to a home in the Cove. It's just east of where we were before. The home is a total fixer upper...but you can't beat the view, we LOVE it!

  3. Very cute tribute. Looks like a year to remember. I may steal your idea!

  4. yea for 2008! I can't wait for tonight to ring in 2009!

  5. jess-this is a super cute post!
    i'm thinking back on my 2008-not quite as memorable! LOL
    i guess each year brings us new experiences we get to learn from and reflect upon and fun memories that we never forget, and no one can take away!
    Cheers to another year of continued happiness! Happy 2009!


thank you for your shout outs!