Wednesday, May 26, 2010

i like.

i like this picture of g.
i like his casual smile.
i like his scruff and his wedding ring and the sunshine streaming in.
it's not in focus or well-taken, but for some reason, when sorting through our pictures, i always find myself staring at it, because this is what g looks like to me all the time.

i like my new britney spears perfume that i finally gave in and purchased. yes it's true, i have now contributed to her fortune and supplied her with more cash for hair extensions, but the stuff smells good. g (aka the perfume hater) even commented on how good i smelled, but i didn't have the heart to tell him who it was i smelled like.

i like my new cycling class and the fact that my instructor likes to blast lady gaga, beyoncĂ© and katy perry and say things like "during this ride, i want you to think about what makes you special" even though he's a guy. 
i especially like the look on all the other guys' faces when he does such things.

there are a lot of things i don't like right now too, but i'll spare you. nobody wants to read about my zits, or my crazy classes or that girl in my fcs class who won't stop popping her neck every 5 minutes, right?!

what do you like?


  1. you
    wyatt's calves
    no rain today
    sleeping in (until 11:)
    modern family about to start

  2. I have a couple pics of D that I like for similar reasons, the show him unguarded and himself and I love that! Maybe I'll copy your post someday and you can see what I mean. I really like reading your blog, you make me smile.

  3. I like your funny, clever posts :) I think it's sad for you that you have a crazy girl who won't stop popping her neck - one of your pet peeves :(

  4. Almost ALL of my favorite pictures of B-Town are of his profile - most taken while driving. Mmmmmm.
    I like the preschool is almost over because (oddly enough) I miss that little terror for that 5 hours a week.
    I like running from Bryan this morning at 5:32 as he chased my neck with a cold can of DC.
    I like reading your beautifully written blog posts.
    I like when Mya lip syncs in the car.
    And I LOVE you (awwww, I know!)

  5. I like looking at your blog for all the pictures of greg. I like looking at pictures of greg. I like greg.

  6. me too, jonny. i am his fan club president and you are the vp. club "we are obsessed with greg because he is so freaking sweet"


thank you for your shout outs!