Sunday, June 6, 2010


yummy barbecued salmon with friends.

laughing so hard with holls that mascara was smearing all over my face with the tears.

seeing her fall to the bathroom floor during our attempted makeup correction when one of us said something that immediately brought the hysteria back.

french toast at park café saturday morning with my love.

washing the cars in swimming suits in the afternoon heat.

reading at the park for hours while the pups sprinted and pounced.

a trip to the swing sets as the sun was setting with the whole city twinkling below us.

clean house, movie in bed and fresh roses in my living room.

sitting quietly on the lawn watching the storm roll in over the valley on a perfect summer night with my little family.

wish all weekends were exactly like this one.


  1. Oh my goodness- you weren't kidding! That does sound completely dreamy! Utah summers are so wonderful... can't wait to come home.

  2. oh my that was the best night!! Haven't laughed that hard forever!! Love you!

  3. oh, it sounds so lovely. We barbecued salmon too - delightful!

  4. Hey,

    i found your blog through a random stream of other clicks on online. You look great- it is fun to read your writing. I hope your doing well.

    -mallory Lake

  5. What a yummy little weekend! I LOVE that summer has come & we're right at the beginning of it! LOVE it!


thank you for your shout outs!