Tuesday, June 29, 2010

just my luck.

early yesterday morning, i took the hardest midterm of my existence in my statistics class.
so last night, i decided i wouldn't be attending stats today & would sleep in, in celebration of the test being over, instead.

enter yard landscapers next door who arrived bright & early to begin pounding the concrete (or something hard, i'm not sure) with some sort of hammer over and over and over again right outside my bedroom window.

the banging began just as my class would have, so i'm up just as early & with a headache too.
should have just gone to class, i guess.
stupid workers.


  1. Isn't weird how things like this always work out like that? Ridiculous. Every time I plan on sleeping in something happens.

    I was thinking about maybe Chicago or San Francisco! I adore you too, Jess. It's been so fun getting to be in your life (via internet). I love you! I am so lucky to be related to such an amazing woman.


thank you for your shout outs!